The client’s financial and payment system was developed on .Net technology that caused a number of problems, including very slow transaction processing and inability to support system high loads. In order to scale the system it became obvious for the client that the product had to undergo significant changes. The decision was made to switch from .Net to Node.js technology.


ElifTech was chosen for cooperation due to its already proven expertise in Node.js. After a thorough discovery phase, the team started to work with the client on the system core and basically developed it from scratch on Node.js. The main functionality was developed that included:
  • designed system architecture
  • online and offline transactions
  • security with role-based permission
  • online shopping support
  • pre-paid cards functionality implementation.
Since of the main ideas of the product was the ability to track funds, a special attention was paid to a reporting side of the application. There were both reports for admins and users. The reports for admins allow to track all user's activity, funds movement, vendors, items, etc. Admins also can manage every single entity (e.g. a user, an organization), add rules for shopping, build hierarchy for users, create users’ permissions, etc. Users can view detailed reports on funds that were distributed and where the money were spent. The system front-end framework was built on Backbone.js. However, the ElifTech team consulted the client to switch to React.js, as it offered more benefits for the system.


Based on the ongoing cooperation, in approximately 6 months the followoing results were achieved:
  • successfully delivered the product new enhanced version
  • launched the product beta version live
  • increased speed of transactions
  • improved website responsiveness
  • enabled system’s high load operations.


  • prepaid cards support
  • online and offline transactions
  • role-based security model
  • high-load processing
  • online shopping integration