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Hardware news

Gaming laptop combo: Intel and Nvidia partner to drive PC gaming on the go

gaming laptop

Intel is making a serious push into mobile PC gaming with the launch of an entire new range of 9th generation mobile CPUs specifically targeted to gamer enthusiasts, content creators, and others who demand premium performance.

Simultaneously, Nvidia has unveiled a new set of GTX 1600 series mobile GPUs, designed to work hand-in-hand with these 9th-gen Intel CPUs to deliver desktop-quality gaming performance levels at prices starting at $799—much closer to that of desktop gaming systems.


Samsung SDS and Telensa partner for smart city infrastructure and data solutions

The initial area of collaboration is smart street lighting. By combining the Telensa PLANet streetlight control application with Samsung SDS Brightics IoT platform, cities will be able to enjoy energy savings and can access a vast ecosystem of sensor applications.

Samsung SDS will provide its Brightics IoT, a powerful data collecting platform specialised in retrieving and analysing big data, powered by AI.

Samsung SDS will also be working with Telensa on the Urban Data Project, a collaborative solution that creates a trust infrastructure for urban data, one that enables cities to collect, protect and use their data for the benefit of all citizens.

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GeoTraq Announces New Class of Mobile IoT Modules

GeoTraq is developing a Tracker-Module for asset tracking and location-based services, along with a Sensor-Module used for remote monitoring.

GeoTraq’s new Mobile IoT modules will offer many of the same core features as GeoTraq’s original GSM module. Small size, low power, long battery life, and global connectivity remain at the cornerstone of GeoTraq technology. Designed with a self-contained form factor, GeoTraq modules eliminate the hassle and cost of designing and building a printed circuit board for mounting.

geotraq modules 1a


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ERM Partners with Altair to Improve Business Models for Vehicle Telematics and Asset Tracking

ERM’s new set of IoT and asset management solutions leverages Altair’s optimized cellular IoT chipsets to provide installation-free solutions for IoT, asset management, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and vehicle financial services. These will include event-based platforms for automatic vehicle location and asset management applications using various sensors. The ultra-low power consumption of Altair’s chipsets allows the device to be connected without having to be powered by the vehicle’s battery, significantly reducing installation costs.

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NurtureWatch selects Sierra Wireless IoT solution to improve quality of life for the elderly

Sierra Wireless today announced that its IoT connectivity solution is enabling tracking and communications for the NurtureWatch, a wearable device that helps elderly people stay safe, healthy and independent.

In addition to 24/7 heart rate monitoring and fall detection, the NurtureWatch provides pill reminders to ensure medication compliance, GPS location tracking and geo-fencing to help elderly people stay in safe locations, and an SOS button and two-way calling to guarantee that they can quickly and easily call for help.

The NutureWatch is paired with a smartphone to keep elderly people connected and provide a safety net that allows constant monitoring and gives them greater independence – without the expense or intrusion of a 24/7 caregiver.


Samsung Introduces Exynos i T100 for Secure and Reliable IoT Devices with Short-Range Connectivity

The new solution integrates processor and memory in a single chip with Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee protocol support. It enhances the security and reliability of devices designed for short-range communications.

Based on a power-efficient 28-nanometer (nm) process technology, the Exynos i T100 is optimized to be used with short-range IoT devices that automate and control environments within homes or businesses.

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Hamilton Beach Uses Internet of Things to Energize the Customer Experience

hamilton flexbrew

Integrated with Amazon Dash Replenishment, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew® Single Serve Coffee Maker leverages Amazon’s secure authentication and payments systems, customer service and fulfillment network for coffee replenishment and uses Ayla technology to provide the consumer with the coffee they need, when they need it.

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Samsung introduces 64-megapixel image sensor for smartphones

Samsung is pushing the envelope with its new 64-megapixel image sensor. It uses proprietary technology to boost image quality in low-light environments, can turn out 64-megapixel images in bright settings and is capable of 480fps slow motion video capture.

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Logitech launches a wireless version of its popular G502 gaming mouse

To remove the cord and fit wireless bits inside, the mouse had to be completely re-engineered with a new mechanical and electrical design. The new thin-wall structure has reduced the overall weight by 7 grams and given more interior space to house additional components and the battery that offers a run time of 48 hours or about two/three weeks of moderate usage.

gaming mouse g502

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Software news

Ford, Autonomic and Amazon Web Services collaborate to improve vehicle connectivity and mobility experiences

Ford Motor Company and creators of the Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) Autonomic have signed a multi-year, global agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to expand the availability of cloud connectivity services and connected car application development services for the transportation industry.

Through this collaboration, Autonomic’s TMC automotive cloud will be powered by AWS to become the standard connected car solution for Ford vehicles. Ford Mobility and Autonomic reportedly chose AWS for its global availability, and the breadth and depth of AWS’ portfolio of services, including Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, analytics, and compute services.


Trimble launches mobile Augmented Reality tool to optimise service

Trimble announced the launch of Trimble PULSE Remote Expert, an Augmented Reality (AR) tool that improves the productivity of field service technicians by connecting them with support experts via video, audio and spatial annotations in real-time.

It is a simple and powerful application for technicians who require real-time assistance when facing complex or unfamiliar situations, and ultimately helps to improve first-time fix rates, technician productivity and the overall customer service experience.

Trimble PULSE Remote Expert is a standalone mobile application for iOS. It requires wireless Internet connectivity and an ARKit capable iPhone or iPad device with iOS version 12 and above.

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Pod Group Provides Secure Connectivity for Klevio’s Smart Door Entry Application

Klevio has chosen to connect its smart door entry application using Pod Group’s secure, multi-network connectivity based on “Best Signal” technology. The solution includes multi-network SIM cards offering connectivity on over 600 networks in 185+ countries. The SIM automatically swaps network if the device loses signal, ensuring seamless connectivity. Pod’s connectivity management platform F2M allows customers such as Klevio to manage their SIM base globally from one centralized interface. The platform provides in-depth analysis of the connectivity of each device, as well as end-to-end network security monitoring and threat detection.

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Kuzzle unveils its latest IoT use case for smart construction

Jointly developed by Omniscient and Kuzzle, this IoT solution offers a dynamic and real-time vision of the construction site and its equipment. Now, the data from the connected objects provides information that was previously missing in order to improve production processes, site management and, more broadly, management control.

The Kuzzle IoT back-end offers within a single platform a multi-protocol API toolbox, advanced functionalities, powerful tools compatible with multiple defects, multiple platforms and to meet a wide range of usage cases, while guaranteeing a level of security and total control of the platform, essential for innovative digital projects.

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Newcastle using middleware to simplify city-scale IoT

The middleware saves organisations having to create database systems to ingest data from each type of device. It sits between networks and visualisation and analysis applications and converts IOT data into a single restful API. The technology gives the City of Newcastle the capacity to scale its IoT deployments to “millions of devices and millions of messages across industry sectors”. This will help the City of Newcastle avoid being tied to one IoT technology


ADARA announces Mobile SD WAN Platform for IoT and Personal Clouds

ADARA has launched a beta of its mobile platform for personal clouds and IoT. The SD WAN for Mobility is made to operate on both the Android and Apple iOS platforms.

The ADARA SD WAN for Mobility improvement in performance is independent of, and in addition to, performance increases from new cellular radio and wireless architectures such as Fifth generation wireless (5G).

The ADARA SD WAN for Mobility enables performance for users from wherever in the world they are.

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General news

Logitech Slim Folio Pro, hands on: A lightweight, sturdy keyboard for Apple’s 3rd gen iPad Pro Review

logitech slim folio pro

Slim Folio Pro, which is a slimmer, lighter alternative for the third-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and new 11-inch iPad Pro that were launched last October.

The Slim Folio Pro is considerably cheaper than Apple’s own-brand keyboard, priced at £109 ($120) for the 11-inch model, and £119 ($130) for the 12.9-inch version. You could even throw in Logitech’s own Crayon stylus as well (£65/$70) and still come in at around the same price as Apple’s own keyboards.

When you open the case and stand the screen upright for typing, a contact sensor automatically turns the keyboard on, activating the Bluetooth connection and keyboard backlight. However, lowering the screen down into ‘Sketch’ mode, deactivates the keyboard again in order to save power.


SoftBank Corp. Develops Aircraft That Delivers Telecommunications Connectivity From the Stratosphere

High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS)

SoftBank Corp. announced the launch of a High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) business through HAPSMobile Inc.

HAPS refers to systems where unmanned objects such as aircraft flying in the stratosphere can be operated like telecommunication base stations to deliver connectivity across wide areas. By utilizing HAPS, SoftBank will be able to build stable Internet connection environments at locations unserved by telecommunication networks, such as mountainous terrain, remote islands and developing countries.

The telecommunications network to be delivered to the ground by “HAWK30” is expected to use a system that does not interfere with the networks of terrestrial base stations. Furthermore, smooth handovers between networks provided by terrestrial base stations and by “HAWK30” will also be possible. As a result, communication disruption will not occur even when a person using a smartphone moves from a base station covered area to a “HAWK30” covered area.

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Flex and Innit collaborate with Google Cloud to Enable the Next Generation of Smart Kitchen Appliances

Flex has introduced a new line of standardized IoT and human interface modules, backed by award-winning manufacturing services.

Google Cloud contributes its leading AI, voice, security, IoT cloud connectivity services, and the new Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) artificial intelligence chips for smart devices.

Innit’s platform connects devices and services into a compelling consumer experience, orchestrating multiple brands of appliances to prepare meals with personalized nutrition, step-by-step video guidance and customized, automated cooking programs tailored to each device.

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Device Authority and Wipro Partner to Deliver Identity Access and Security for the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Wipro and Device Authority are delivering a joint solution for a large multinational healthcare company who are launching a remote patient monitoring service. With a variety of different medical devices connecting and transmitting data, an extra layer of security is required. KeyScaler provides a hybrid security model for patient safety which includes real-time device authenticity validation and policy-driven device derived crypto for data privacy and compliance with HIPAA and GDPR. KeyScaler has the ability to combine PKI and device derived crypto using its policy-based technology, to provide the extra device and data trust and verification required by Medical use cases.

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A beer brewer in the United States is using the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to fine tune its Trappist Monk-style beer.

The four-year-old Sugar Creek Brewing Company in North Carolina is using the technology to stop beer spilling during the bottling process and to prevent bottles being filled inconsistently.

The brewery uses flow meters and Bosch sensors to collect data about fill time, temperature, pH, gravity, pressure, carbonation and fill level. Then IBM Watson IoT Platform then analyses the data. This helped pinpoint the cause of excessive foaming during bottling, which was wasting beer.

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