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Hardware news

Arqiva delivers new satellite solution for UK Power Networks to replace legacy paging-based system with portable terminals

The solution will enable UK Power Networks’ engineers to remotely operate equipment to restore customers’ power supplies quickly in the event of a power cut, and monitor and receive regular status updates from the field.

With expertise in cyber security and extensive knowledge of communication networks for critical national infrastructure companies, Arqiva’s technical team was able to design a solution that meets UK Power Networks’ needs to monitor and control the distribution power network economically.


Sony to Release Communication Module Compatible with Proprietary ELTRES™ LPWAN Standard

IoT, Internet of Things, Sony communication module compatible with proprietary ELTRES LPWAN standart

Sony Corporation announced the upcoming release of the CXM1501GR communication module, which is compatible with the ELTRES™ low-power wide area (LPWA) wireless communication standard that Sony has developed for IoT applications.

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Libelium Integrates Radar Technology with its IoT Devices for Smart Parking Applications

Libelium Integrates Radar Technology with its IoT Devices for Smart Parking Applications, Iot, Internet of Things

The new Smart Parking node improves detection and stability performance thanks to a radar sensor which allows precise detection (99%) of vehicles parked over the device that sends the data to the cloud through the LoRaWAN network.

Radar technology offers improved performance compared to magnetic or infrared detection.

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AI Chipmaker Hailo Releases Industry-leading Deep Learning Processor

AI Chipmaker Hailo  Industry-leading Deep Learning Processor, IOT, Internet of Things

The chip is built with an innovative architecture that enables edge devices to run sophisticated deep learning applications that could previously run only on the cloud.

The Hailo-8™ processor, which features up to 26 tera operations per second (TOPS), significantly outperforms all other edge processors with area and power efficiency far superior to other leading solutions by a considerable order of magnitude – all at a size smaller than a penny, including the required memory.

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Mac Pro 2019 first look: release date, price and specs

Mac Pro 2019 release date, price, specs

The new Mac Pro has up to a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, and up to 1.5TB of 6-channel ECC system memory, meaning you should never run into any task that's too heavy for the new Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro 2019 is built for the future – and looks like it came from the future as well. lt has a stainless steel frame that ditches the spherical 'bin' design of the 2013 model in favor of a more traditional tower chassis that hearkens back to older Mac Pro models. The front and back are filled with uniquely styled vent holes.


Software news

Real-time business transcription software with artificial intelligence launched by Zoi Meet

Zoi Meet directly displays spoken text to subtitles on any screen or device using an automatic transcription in 12 languages. You can choose to display up to three languages at the same time.

Zoi Meet stores all your meeting transcripts and makes sure they are archived in searchable text files. All transcripts are synced with your recorded audio and can be instantly translated to multiple languages.


Stone Technologies selects Sierra Wireless IoT solutions to expand business into industrial monitoring market

Stone Technologies’ can now monitor critical operations data about the status and performance of its customers’ systems, allowing them to increase revenue and find cost savings. Additionally, this service helps Stone Technologies customers ensure compliance with safety regulations and avoid government and municipality fines due to, for example, sewer water escaping into environmentally sensitive areas or radio tower lights failing.

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AWS is about to make your cloud a lot more personalised

AWS customers will soon be able to add greater personalization to their online stores as the company has announced that Amazon Personalize, which was announced during last year's ASW re:Invent, is now generally available.

Using its API, developers can easily add custom machine learning models to their apps, search results and direct marketing even without previous machine learning experience.

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How Pactera is using IoT to enable 'intelligent manufacturing'

OctoIoT helps makes smart factories smarter. It continually monitors data from equipment, sensors and controllers, enabling Pactera to “Promote collaboration among equipment, process and human-beings.” This enhances production optimisation and results in faster, easier and better-informed decision-making with regards to plans, scheduling, equipment utilisation, power consumption and production quality.

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Powertec claims 'world-first' turnkey IoT solution

The end-to-end solution, dubbed, was developed by Powertec's newly formed IoT division. The solution allows customers to control, measure and track anything with a sensor utilising a combination of live and historical data with events, notifications and machine learning. utilises's cloud platform combined with Powertec's own connectivity module, which recently completed its first full production run, which redirects all data back to the platform.


General news

Volvo Cars and Varjo claim world-first mixed-reality application for car development

Volvo Cars and Varjo have made it possible for the first time to drive a real car while wearing a mixed-reality headset, seamlessly adding virtual elements or complete features that seem real to both the driver and the car’s sensors, for development purposes.

The Varjo XR-1 headset, launched today, provides photorealistic mixed or virtual reality at a high-definition resolution better than anything currently available.


Telefónica and Schindler join forces to provide IoT connectivity for elevators and escalators worldwide

The cloud-based digital platform Schindler Ahead is the world’s fully digital closed-loop maintenance, emergency services and information system. Using AI, it provides predictive maintenance by analysing cloud-based data from connected elevators and escalators that improves equipment reliability and uptime and delivers insights to better operate buildings, while also offering passengers greater convenience through interactive and personalised services.

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New IoT solution supports native RFID to increase retail store inventory accuracy and improve order picking speed

Manhattan Associates Inc. has claimed to announce the introduction of the industry’s first IoT-enabled store inventory and fulfillment solution for omnichannel fulfillment.

The technology integrates with hardware systems that track RFID-tagged items to bring store inventory accuracy up to warehouse levels.

Using the location data from the RFID tags, Manhattan’s mobile Store Inventory and Fulfillment application presents store associates with dynamic visual maps of the location of every item in the store, as well as the most efficient route for picking order items.

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Traxens Successfully Deploys Connected Freight Wagons in Collaboration With CFL Multimodal

Traxens’ solution provides comprehensive, precise and timely data about cargo by tracking wagons in transit anywhere in the world. Traxens’ technology brings improved efficiency and security, greater transparency and enhanced asset utilization thanks to improved wagons and goods tracking, geolocalisation and mileage monitoring.

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Tobacconist using IoT to track cigarette thieves

The device activates if moved beyond a certain zone, then sends an SMS alert. The shop owner can track the device online for up to 72 hours.

It uses trackers from the French company Tifiz.The Tifix Xpress trackers combine a small battery-less Thinxtra Xpress tracker, which operates on Sigfox’s LWPAN network, and French company Ticatag’s Geolocation platform.

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New Globalstar satellite IoT solution safeguarding reindeer in Nordics and beyond

ReindeerApp enables farmers to keep track of their herds, and helps mitigate losses from predators such as wolves and bears. The user interface which PrismaQualityFinland developed notifies herders when a deer is no longer moving, and thanks to Globalstar’s extensive satellite coverage and accuracy, the farmer knows exactly where to go to check on the animals.