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Hardware news

First successful application of LTE CAT-M/NB-IoT solution on 450 MHz claimed by Altair Semiconductor

Operating on the 450 MHz LTE spectrum and utilising Ericsson’s LTE eNBs, Altair’s cellular IoT chipset enables agricultural companies using smart sensors and connected tractors applications to optimise farming practices. The solution uses location tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, and fuel consumption optimisation.


Ubuntu Will Make it Easier to Install Nvidia Drivers

Nvidia's latest stable driver, version 430, is currently available for testing via the bionic-proposed repository. If the driver meets Ubuntu's standards, it should reach users via an update to Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS in the near future. Then it should finally be easy to combine the stability of Ubuntu LTS with the performance improvements of Nvidia's drivers.

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Radiall joins the NGMN Alliance as newest partner

As part of its work in the telecommunications industry, Radiall provides the technology that will support the network shift from 4G to 5G. 

Radiall has introduced new equipment and standards to the redefined Radio Access Network (RAN). Radiall’s commitment to research and development looks to enhance the ongoing work of the NGMN Alliance towards next-generation networks.

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Amazon home robot prototype is reportedly waist-high and can be summoned by voice

A prototype of the robot, codenamed “Vesta,” is about “waist-high,” can be controlled by voice and is capable of moving around on its own using built-in cameras, according to the report.

Amazon has continued to invest in robotics and in June introduced new warehouse robots including the Pegasus and Xanthus.

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Brazil is at the forefront of a new type of router attack

Brazilian users have been targeted with a new type of router attack that has not been seen anywhere else in the world.

The attacks are nearly invisible to end users and can have disastrous consequences, having the ability to lead to direct financial losses for hacked users.

What’s currently happening to routers in Brazil should be a warning sign for users and ISPs from all over the world, who should take precautions to secure devices before the attacks observed in South American country spread to them as well.

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Software news

Deutsche Telekom and Software AG partner to create global Cloud of Things platform

Cloud of Things is the backbone that supports a vast range of mission-critical customer applications, starting small but scaling fast. It allows companies to remotely monitor, manage and control their connected devices and machines. 

The platform provides a wealth of insight that helps cut costs, boost efficiency, increase security and create new value by converting raw data into business intelligence.

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Microsoft previews new Azure SDK in 4 programming languages

Microsoft's new code libraries for programming its Azure cloud address a significant problem for developers: the inconsistency between the huge numbers of supporting libraries.

The issue has arisen after the rapid development of new features on Azure over a stretch of several years. The new code libraries have started with four languages and four services. The supported languages are Python, Java, JavaScript and C#/.NET. 

Microsoft’s approach is to create a set of guidelines for each of the four languages.

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The Windows Terminal turns up in the Microsoft Store

The ability to have multiple tabs for the likes of PowerShell, Windows Subsystem for Linux and a good, old fashioned, Windows command prompt, makes it worth the price of admission itself.

Decent Unicode and UTF-8 character support are present as well as a "GPU accelerated text rendering engine". 

windows terminal

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 Coming soon: iOS 13 may allow Face ID authentication for signing in iCloud 

According to 9to5 Mac, the new sign-in process for iCloud on the web is already available for iOS 13, iPad OS 13, and macOS Catalina beta testers. 

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Secure data protection in the new internet of things

Secure data protection in the new internet of things

This local server infrastructure, which can also operate in small companies, or even on the computers of the user—or herself, guarantees full sovereignty over proprietary data. This allows companies to be independent of the server infrastructures of external service providers such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon, which are subject to constant changes and even may not be accessible.

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General news

Ericsson extends global supply chain with company’s first smart factory in the U.S.

Ericsson is to build its first fully-automated smart factory in the U.S. The state-of-the-art factory will produce Advanced Antenna System radios to boost network capacity and coverage, including rural coverage, as well as 5G radios for urban areas, both necessary for rapid 5G deployments in North America.

Fast and secure 5G connectivity will enable agile operations and flexible production. This will be achieved through automated warehouses, connected logistics and automated assembly, packing and product handling, and the use of autonomous carts.

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Google allows Prime Video on Chromecast, Amazon brings YouTube on Fire TV devices 

Amazon's second-gen Fire TV stick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick Basic Edition, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Edition smart TVs joined hands with OEMs and will now get support from the official YouTube app. The company also aims at extending support to other devices soon. YouTube TV and YouTube Kids will also make way to the Fire TV devices later this year. 

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An upgraded Echo, Alexa robot: Amazon ramping up things to make life easier Inc. is developing a higher quality version of the Echo speaker and ramping up work on its home robot. 

The company plans to release the new Echo by next year, according to people familiar with the product. Prototypes of the cylindrical speaker are wider than the current Echo to squeeze in additional components including at least four tweeters, said the people, who requested anonymity to discuss an internal matter. 

Alexa robot

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Smart Building Sensors for Schools and Vaping Detection, Too

The Fly Sense sensor uses machine learning to establish baseline parameters for its environment. The more data it amasses over time, the more accurate it gets. And based on a stimulus — such as detecting a teen vaping in the bathroom or bullying another student, it can trigger a defined action. Designated school officials can get alerts via a mobile app, where they can also see a dashboard view that provides an overview of how many alerts are occurring each week and where the alarms were generated.

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