Hardware news

Semtech releases new LoRa smart home device for IoT applications

Semtech Corporation, a provider of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products and advanced algorithms, announces the launch of the new LoRa Smart Home Devices (LLCC68d) extends LoRa’s market applications from industry-class low-power wide area networks (LPWANs) to smart home, community and consumer applications. 

The transceiver provides low power and extensive coverage for Internet of Things (IoT) devices in indoor and adjacent areas to connect sensors and actuators for security, environmental monitoring and convenience applications.



Vodafone and South East Water trial narrowband IoT solution to help reduce water leaks

Vodafone announced that it is working with South East Water on a pilot that could revolutionise how the water industry detects and prevents leaks.

Data will be collected and transmitted across the system; and advanced analytics will be used to monitor readings and alert South East Water immediately in the event of a leak. Acoustic loggers ‘listen’ for escaping water within the network to determine when leaks have occurred and to pinpoint the precise location.

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Sundance launches VCS-1 embedded processor module for precision robotics applications

Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd., an established supplier and manufacturer of embedded modules, has launched the Sundance VCS-1, a small, high performance, low power and lightweight embedded processor platform designed specifically for precision robotics incorporating complex, real-time vision, control and sensor applications.

sundance processor

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IoT satellite network to deliver rainfall data to farmers

Myriota’s direct-to-orbit satellite network for the Internet of Things (IoT) means data from the devices can be transmitted in remote areas without internet or mobile phone coverage.

Goanna Ag has trialled a number of the rain gauges and water tank monitoring devices on Australian farms and is on the verge of commercial release with pricing and distribution currently being finalised.

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WINDGO secures patent for IoT wearable products designed for smart diapers and bandages

This technology will allow expansive evolution for rapid development of devices that can monitor the body and report health status conditions to a remote device such as a mobile phone via wireless networks such as Bluetooth BLE, Wi-Fi, or RFID / nearfield communication (NFC).  



Software news

Dover Fueling Solutions and Microsoft collaborate to provide Azure based edge to cloud IoT solutions

Microsoft and DFS will collaborate to develop, deploy, promote and support DFS Azure based solutions including the Wayne iSense Remote Monitoring and management solution. The iSense remote solution provides real-time updates of fuel dispenser and other support equipment at a retail fueling forecourt.



Teal Communications Launches Global eSIM and IoT Connectivity Platform

Teal Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has launched its globally programmable eSIM and IoT connectivity platform.

The launch brings the most reliable and secure connectivity solution to market with over 2,000 cellular network choices and encrypted end-to-end communication. The platform leverages a patent-pending network design and global telecommunications marketplace, as well as a proprietary customer Bill and Support System (BSS).

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Arrow Electronics Teams With ADLINK and Microsoft to Enable Faster Deployment of Industrial IoT Solutions

The solution is the latest to come from Arrow’s IoT aggregation program and continues its efforts to help industrial companies quickly, securely and cost-effectively deploy and scale projects. ADLINK’s Edge IoT Solution for Machine Condition Monitoring includes integrated edge hardware and real-time data-streaming software built for data acquisition and vibration measurement applications to deliver continuous vibration monitoring for rotating machinery and equipment.

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Astea International and Software AG Partner to Provide Turnkey Field Service Management and IoT Solution

Astea’s Alliance Enterprise now provides seamless integration to Software AG’s IoT platform, Cumulocity, which will allow enterprises to monitor machines in real-time through cloud-connected applications so that problems can be caught before they occur. 

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Soracom Delivers On-Demand Remote Access for IoT Devices with SORACOM Napter

SORACOM Napter allows secure remote device without any need for additional device configuration, agent installation, or preparation of a server environment. Developers can initiate remote sessions on demand using the Soracom user console, API or CLI and communicate with devices using common remote access protocols such as SSH, RDP, VNC, or HTTP/HTTPS.

Soracom Napter



General news

Sydney's $600m smart motorway project to be put to the test

Roads and Maritime has been installing 41 overhead gantries along the motorway to keep drivers up to speed with traffic conditions and alerts, fed by data from traffic sensors set up every 500m and at exit ramps.

The gantries will feature variable ‘lane use management signs, which can display different speed limits, lane closures, and instructions to merge.

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ParKam's smart parking project at Curtin University will be a world-first

ParKam is implementing its camera-based system, which will spot available parking spaces amongst nearly 6,000 bays at Curtin University’s Perth campus. The system will also guide drivers to those spaces by displaying instructions on signs or by providing turn-by-turn directions via an app.

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 IMS Evolve and Current partner to deliver IoT-enabled energy and financial savings

IMS Evolve, has announced a strategic partnership with Current, powered by GE, the digital engine for intelligent environments, to deliver IoT solutions to the food retail sector.

The partnership leverages IMS Evolve’s integration and automation capabilities and Current’s Daintree wireless controls infrastructure to offer a proven solution that is helping food retailers reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience.

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 Insight launches connected suite to accelerate adoption of complex IoT solutions

Insight Enterprises, a Fortune 500 global solution integrator for organisations of all sizes, announced the launch of Insight Connected Suite, a fully managed Internet of Things (IoT) solution that is industry-agnostic and helps clients accelerate the use of smart solutions.

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 Hyundai Mobis claims to develop South Korea’s first camera monitor system

A camera monitor system is a device that monitors the driving behaviour of cars coming from the posterolateral direction and displays the obtained information on monitors located inside your car based on camera sensors installed in the place of the side-view mirror.

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