We all know that the most common reasons for outsourcing software development are reduced cost and access to specialized skills or equipment. But there are other, less obvious advantages to outsourcing that are just as important for improving your company’s performance. When done right with a trusted vendor, outsourcing is guaranteed to aid the productivity of your business. Here are five ways outsourcing can boost your company’s efficiency.

Outsourcing allows you to…

Focus on Core Activities

Let’s say your company needs a software solution to solve a critical business problem but lacks IT talent to implement it. While trying to recruit programmers, testers, project managers and other programming team members, your employees lose valuable time, spend a fortune and ultimately can’t really be sure if the people they hired are pros or can work as a team. Wouldn’t it be faster, cheaper and more reliable to let professionals take care of the whole software development life cycle? Software outsourcing will finally allow the management of your company to concentrate on core activities like business development and not on micromanaging software development. Your employees will also benefit from outsourcing because you can delegate tasks that are monotonous, boring or require a lot of time, learning and resources. With all of the less business-critical tasks handled by an outsourcing vendor, you can work harder and more efficiently on your company’s goals, strategies and financial growth.

Outsourcing gives you a…

Creativity Boost

In addition to creating more opportunities to focus on what’s really important for your business, outsourcing frees up more time for creative thinking. It’s imperative to relieve your employees from the weight of tedious, monotonous and time-consuming tasks if you want their minds to brainstorm and spark interesting ideas. That’s what outsourcing companies are for: while they handle the more prosaic aspects of business, your in-house visionaries come up with innovative and original ways to make your company famous.

Outsourcing provides…

Staffing Flexibility

Sure, recruiting a dedicated IT team that’s going to bring your wildest software fantasies to life is necessary if you plan on making software development a part of your business expertise. But what if this is either a one-time or seasonal solution that needs to be quickly created and implemented? The hiring process is time- and resource-consuming, and maintaining an entire IT department when it’s not making any profit is not an option for a small company. Enter software development outsourcing. It might take some time to find the outsourcing vendor that shares your mission and vision, but once you do, you’ll instantly get access to a close-knit team of qualified professionals that can start working on your business solution right away. Outsourcing gives you the flexibility you need: hire part-time or full-time, expand or downsize the team to adapt to your business needs or simply stop the cooperation whenever you need to.

Outsourcing gives a…

Time Zone Advantage

Outsourcing allows you work 24 hours a day. Because offshore software development companies often operate several time zones away from your business, they will likely still be working when you’re already closed. If your software is developed partly in-house and partly via outsourcing, the joint team will essentially be working two shifts; thus, the job gets done faster. Also, situations when, for example, a customer can report a bug and the team can fix it immediately, be it day or night, give you a valuable competitive edge. And don’t forget that your outsourcing partners from foreign countries will be working during most of your national holidays, which allows you to continuously maintain your business operations.

Outsourcing cultivates…

Peace of Mind

Outsourcing is a controversial topic, but at the end of the day, you just want the job to be done, and you want it done well. So, invest some time and effort to find a suitable custom software development company, because when you do, you’ll finally be able to take your mind off the issue. This may be extremely difficult to achieve, since releasing control over a part of business you’re a pro in can be painful. But, if you are a non-technical person outsourcing software development, relax and know it’s being taken care of by professionals. Just imagine how much more efficient you’ll be taking care of critical business activities instead of micromanaging the development team. If you feel relieved and calm after outsourcing software development, you’ve done everything right.

Of course, outsourcing has its downsides such as the risk of exposing confidential data, being charged hidden costs, poorly coordinated deliverables, bad quality–price ratio or language and communication skills that leave much to be desired. Luckily, all it takes to avoid these pitfalls is to thoroughly research potential software vendors and choose the one you can trust, like ElifTech. The bottom line is that there will always be businesses that favor outsourcing and those that oppose it. But if you find an outsourcing vendor you can confidently partner with, your company is sure to benefit.