Hardware news

Casio chooses Trustonic Secured Platform to protect its new smartwatches

The new smartwatch leverages Trustonic Secured Platform (TSP), a proven security technology already deployed in 2 billion smart devices. TSP protects connected devices like wearables, smartphones, automotive in-vehicle infotainment platforms and healthcare devices by delivering industry-standard based, hardware-backed security.

Casio trustonic secured platform

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Telensa joins Qualcomm smart cities accelerator program to deliver streetlight-based smart city applications

Telensa’s latest device is the Multi-Sensor Pod (MSP), an array of streetlight-mounted units that measure how people use the city, the mix of traffic on the roads, hyper-local air quality and noise levels. 

Each MSP converts video and radar imaging into detailed real-time insights, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques powered by the Qualcomm SDM845 processor. This edge processing eliminates the cost of moving raw data to the cloud.

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Monnit Releases IoT Propane Tank Solution

Monnit Corporation today announced the release of the ALTA® Propane Tank Monitor which allows users to check propane levels from anywhere.

With the ability to integrate with both Sr and Jr R3D® Remote Ready gauges, the monitor offers a plug-and-play remote monitoring solution.

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Amazon develops longer-range wireless network for IoT devices

Sidewalk uses the low bandwidth 900 megahertz spectrum to extend the distance at which IoT devices can be controlled, and requires less power than needed for WiFi, Amazon said.

It plans to publish the new network protocol – rules that govern communication between connected devices – so developers can use it for new products.

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BehrTech Launches MYTHINGS IIoT Smart Sensor for Environmental Monitoring

The MYTHINGS Smart Sensor measures acceleration, temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, and shock. Unlike other smart sensors that are intended for stationary use only, the MYTHINGS Smart Sensor supports mobile data communication up to 120km/hr whether its attached to a moving object or transmitting data to a moving base station.

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Semtech and Alibaba Cloud Prevent Asset Loss and Theft with LoRa®-based Tracker

Alibaba Cloud’s new “Beagle” tracker provides up to 2,000 meters of point-to-point location tracking indoor or outdoor, GPS-free. Built on Semtech’s SX1280 LoRa chipset, the tracker allows extensive geolocation functionality without relying on base stations, Cellular networks, Cloud services, or internet connectivity. 

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Software news

SAP Labs India working to design technology-agnostic solutions

SAP and rival Oracle are increasingly using the Cloud to rent their software to customers, shifting from the traditional model of selling licences alone.

This shift helps in predictable revenue from clients, as it becomes increasingly critical to keep using its functions to drive their business.

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Thermoplan Partners with qiio for IoT Coffee Machine Solution

Based on embedded sensors and qiio’s IoT connectivity hardware and cloud platform, Thermoplan is now able to remotely monitor machine usage and other critical parameters in real-time. As a result, they only need to send out technicians when maintenance is actually required, saving on average one service visit per machine per year. With thousands of machines installed, this results in an annual cost savings in the millions of dollars.

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Semtech and Digimondo Simplify Utility Metering with New Starter Package

Digimondo’s smart utilities starter package provides customers the software, hardware and experience necessary to create smart utility networks that offer real advantages for efficiency and cost savings. This gives customers everything they need to quickly deploy proven LoRa-based smart utility applications without needing extensive prior experience with IoT technologies.

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MAJiK Systems and BehrTech bring IoT connectivity to legacy PLCs, no reprogramming needed

The MAJiK integration platform collects critical data points (i.e. PLC tags) from brownfield PLCs. Through a connection to the MAJiK platform, a MYTHINGS transceiver reliably and securely transfers this data to a remote base station. Data can then be relayed to an enterprise cloud platform or on-premise application system such as a Manufacturing Execution System or Enterprise Resource Planning solution for storage, analytics, and visualization.

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General news

Costa Coffee selects Eseye to help transform the global retail coffee experience

Costa Coffee has equipped its Express coffee machines with the Eseye AnyNet Secure multi-IMSI SIM, which connects to any available mobile network instantly, enabling cellular data access anywhere and communication to the back-end systems as soon as one of the 10,000 plus machines are powered on. The SIM also provides health-monitoring, local time synchronisation and data route information.

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Nokia WING drives vehicle connectivity into post-roaming era for automotive OEMs

WING offers, the first of its kind, global distributed, cloud-native IoT core infrastructure with a unified IoT management platform. WING enables operators to provide automotive OEMs with seamless, low latency IoT connectivity with a globally harmonised service level agreement.

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Triax Technologies and EarthCam Partner to Provide the Next Level of Access Control for Construction

The Spot-r Clip, an Internet-of-Things (IoT) device attached to a worker’s belt, is a multipurpose credential for a worker’s access to the jobsite. It is synced to a worker profile in the Spot-r dashboard, enabling supervisors to manage worker identification and certifications to ensure compliance with regulations. Now, with the EarthCam integration, this data is synced to a video camera that provides a video segment as each person enters and leaves the site. With these new capabilities, contractors and owners can know who is on site, as well as the exact time they entered and left. Additionally, the data that Spot-r captures on these transactions enables contractors to easily and quickly access the relevant images they need, rather than sifting through all of the video footage.

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Quectel Achieves Industry’s First 5G Data Call over 5G mmWave Module

Designed backward compatible with LTE-A and 3G networks, RM510Q-GL integrates multi-constellation GNSS receiver, eSIM, as well as high-speed interfaces such as USB 3.1 and PCIe 3.0, which make it suitable for globally deployed mobile devices including Always Connected PCs (ACPC), industrial PDAs, mobile gateways and more.

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