How to organize remote work and stay effective

According to the latest COVID-19 investigations, the size of the pandemic can have a huge influence not only on the worldwide economy but also on more important general daily life processes.

In this article, we will try to describe the next essential things that need to be done to stay effective and productive:

  • What action items should be done with your clients?
  • What changes need to be done in your company process?
  • How to rebuild the work of all teams that are working with the project?
  • What software tools should be used to stay most effective and productive?

Communication with clients

First of all, prepare a list of all existing clients that you have in your company and set action items for each of them. You can use a CRM system to prioritize and monitor this process or a simple Excel sheet. When the list is ready, take an action item to send the detailed emails with the action items that you plan to do in the next weeks. For simplifying this process, you can use such services as Mailchimp, etc.

The action items that need to be done:

  • Send an email with a clear description of the status in your country and the strategy of your company to mitigate all risks.
  • Schedule a tet-a-tet call with all of the clients where you can discuss all open and vital questions.
  • Make notes from each call that you made with the client.
  • Create a document where you will be able to see the global situation according to all the feedbacks that you will have as a result of the calls.
  • Prepare an individual plan for each client and present this plan to the client and team.

Changes in processes

First of all, you need to be prepared for the remote control of the working process with the employees. Here are the steps that need to be done to reach the maximum effective result:

  • To work safely and remotely setup and configure a VPN system to provide the ability to work remotely and have acres for all crucial sources in the company such as GithubGitlabCRM systems, Jira. For the VPN solution, you can use a solution such as NordVPNOpenVPNProtonVPN, etc.
  • Make sure that you created and send personal accounts for your employees.
  • Assign the responsible person with an according to a role such as DevOps engineer to support and maintain the existing remote system, to avoid technical issues.

Working with teams and projects

Set the rules for the company that will clearly describe that working from the home process doesn't have any difference from working from the office model. All employees, especially, employees that are working with a client daily need to be absolutely prepared:

  • working schedule and business hours is the same 
  • employees must adhere to the proper dress code
  • all daily activities, meetings with the team, communications with the client at the proper condition and quality
  • Use all communication channels that you already have in your company, such as SlackTrelloJira, etc for the proper coordination and communication between all units in the company.

Organize your current project flow and adapt it. If you using such a system like Jira for the project work monitoring you need to change all your current sprint iterations for the one week. Reorganize the project plan schedule, set more communication activities between the project team and the client, put more effort into the planning items that should be done according to the short term.

Team structure

To reach the most effective result, set the clear team structure for the project, with proper responsibilities and assignments. Closely work with the Technical leaders, set up the process of code review at weekly basics, make sure that all environments under control, and have proper maintenance by the DevOps engineers or system administrators. All efforts need to be put to the quality, so QA Engineers must have proper QA strategies for each project. 

Software tools that will help you to stay productive


You can use the free Trello and Asana services to schedule, organize, prioritize, and install deadlines and communicate on tasks. 

Organization of meetings

To organize all the important meetings you can use such tools as HangoutsZoom, etc. Don't forget yo put all meeting minutes to internal resources. All communication with the teams must be done on a daily basis.

Time trackers

To understand the efficiency of your team's work and the amount of time spent on a particular task, you can use the services of Toggl and Hubstaff. These services can be integrated with Task Schedulers.

So, let's summarize. First of all, don't be afraid of changes in the company. As you can see, the proper establishment of the workflow will provide you the ability to not lost the performance no mater is this remote or in-office working model.

We believe that these materials will be helpful to you. Stay healthy, organized, and productive!