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Introducing npx: an npm package runner

It will help:

  • Use `npx` to run your local module installations
  • Executing one-off commands never was so easy
  • Run commands with different Node.js versions
  • Developing npm run-scripts interactively
  • Share gist-based scripts with friends and loved ones!


Read more about these here.

React 16 beta


  • Remove old internal abstractions
  • Let ship some of the most requested features like returning arrays from render, recovering from component errors, and readable component stack traces for every error.
  • Enable to start experimenting with asynchronous rendering of components for better perceived performance.

Breaking changes and new stuff:

  • Not so much new things actually
  • Error Handling is better now (:

Check link to learn more.

Announcing Gatsby 1.0.0 🎉🎉🎉

What is cool:

  • rich integrations with CMSs like Contentful, Wordpress, and Drupal
  • route-based code splitting
  • service workers
  • built for the next billion internet users


Read more about these here.

Announcing Babylon.js 3.0

What is cool:

  • Support for WebGL 2
  • Support for WebVR 1.1
  • Support for live textures using WebCam
  • Great playground


Read more about these here.

Cool demo is here.

Node-ChakraCore Update

What is cool:

  • Full cross-platform support
  • Support for Node.js API (N-API)
  • Node.js on iOS
  • Time-Travel Debugging

Read more about these here.

AWS Releases Lambda@Edge

What is cool:

  • Lambda@Edge code is triggered by events from Amazon CloudFront
  • is optimised for latency sensitive use cases
  • Developer will be able to:
  1. Inspect cookies and transparently rewrite URLs in order to perform A/B testing.
  2. Return dynamic content generated at the edge, for example, redirect unauthenticated users to a login page that is created on-demand.
  3. Respond with specific objects to customise the website the user sees based on the User-Agent header.
  4. Add, drop, or modify headers (subject to the following restrictions) to direct users to different cached objects.
  5. Make HTTP requests to other Internet resources and use the results to customise responses etc.


Read more about these here.


Upcoming RegExp Features

  • Named Captures
  • dotAll Flag
  • Unicode Property Escapes
  • Lookbehind Assertions
const pattern = /(d{4})-(d{2})-(d{2})/u;


const pattern = /(?<year>d{4})-(?<month>d{2})-(?<day>d{2})/u;

Read about it here.

Say hello to HTTP/2 for Node.js Core

  • Push Stream Support
  • respondWithFile() and respondWithFD() APIs that allow extremely efficient sending of raw file data that bypasses the Streams API.
  • TLS and Plain-text connections
  • Full support for stream multiplexing
  • HTTP/2 Prioritization and Flow Control
  • Support for HTTP/2 trailers
  • HPACK header compression support
  • A compatibility API layer that operates as close as possible to the existing HTTP/1 API

Read about it here.


Ionic Dev Survey

  • More than 13,000 developers shared their story
  • Two years ago, 20% of developers surveyed were building exclusively with native tools instead of hybrid. In the next two years, that number is only 2.9% - a nearly 7x decrease. Similarly, the number of hybrid-built apps is growing as a share of overall app development. In the next two years, 32.7% of developers surveyed expect to completely abandon native development in favor of hybrid.







Read about it here.

Node.js survey

  • Conducted online from November 30, 2016 to January 16, 2017 via a self-administered survey.
  • Fielded worldwide in English and Mandarin to encourage maximum response.
  • 1,405 individuals responded to at least some questions in the survey





Read about it here

Libs picks for July 2017

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