Find out what happened (everything related to JavaScript) during last two months: news, releases, libs and experiments. Enjoy our newest JS digest, stay up to date!

What’s new in Angular 5

In general:

  • making it easier to build progressive web apps, so apps can be cached in the browser;
  • will have a build optimizer that makes the application smaller by eliminating unnecessary code;
  • making Material Design components compatible with server-side rendering.


Read more about these here.

Machine learning comes to browser via JS

Meet TensorFire:

  • runs TensorFlow-style machine learning models on any GPU;
  • using the WebGL standard;
  • both AMD and Nvidia GPUs are supported;
  • can run in any web-browser literally (mobile, desktop) ;
  • predictions deployment  to be done entirely on the client.


Read more about these here.

Google’s Deeplearn.js brings machine learning to the browser

What is cool:

  • you can play with machine learning inside the browser;
  • TypeScript & WebGL;
  • “A client-side ML library can be a platform for interactive explanations, for rapid prototyping and visualization, and even for offline computation”;

Read more about these here.

Firefox 55 & 56

What is new:

  • Firefox Screenshots;
  • new CSS Grid Layout Panel;
  • implemented <link rel="preload">;
  • WebVR 1.1 API enabled by default.

Read more about these 55 and 56.

Bootstrap 4 Beta


What does it mean:

  • Two years in the making;
  • Moved from Less to Sass;
  • Flexbox and an improved grid system;
  • Dropped wells, thumbnails, and panels for cards;
  • Forked Normalize.css and consolidated all our HTML resets into a new CSS module, Reboot;
  • Dropped IE8 and IE9 support, dropped older browser versions, and moved to rem units for component sizing;
  • … and much more.

Read more about these here.

Yarn 1.0 release

  • WorkSpaces enabled by default;
  • Stable and powerful.

Read about it here.

Greet Atom IDE

  • in collaboration with Facebook;
  • set of optional packages to bring IDE-like functionality to Atom;
  • smarter context-aware auto-completion as well as a host of code navigation features such as an outline view, go to definition, find all references as well as other useful functions such as hover-to-reveal information, errors and warnings (diagnostics) and document formatting.

More info here.

New WebKit Features in Safari 11

  • WebAssembly enabled;
  • WebRTC and Media Capture (not bad yeah?!);
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

Read about it here.

CoffeeScript 2.0

  • now translates into modern JavaScript syntax;
  • Support JSX;
  • very few breaking changes from 1.x.

More info here.

React 16

  • New render return types: fragments and strings;
  • Better error handling;
  • Portals;
  • Support for custom DOM attributes;
  • Reduced file size (react + react-dom is 109 kb (34.8 kb gzipped), down from 161.7 kb (49.8 kb gzipped).);
  • New core architecture (e.g. async rendering);
  • JavaScript Environment Requirements (include polyfils for older browsers).

& Facebook re-licenses React, Jest, Flos, Immutable to MIT :]

Read about it here.

Libs and Experiments

Experimenting with WebAssembly and Computer Vision

  • 6 weeks of work;
  • Builded WebSight, ported OpenCV (C/C++ lib) to wasm;
  • The architecture of the functions that drove these algorithms was the same.


Read about it here.

Runtime code analyzer

  • allows to record your code flow in real time;
  • intercept runtime informations;
  • manipulate program behaviour on the fly.

Read about it here.

Create MS word docs with React

class App extends React.Component {
         render() {
             return (
               Hello World
           ) } }

More info here.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for next edition of JS digest!