The team at ElifTech strives to create, build, and provide fulfilling solutions for our customers’ software technology solutions; by connecting people, systems, devices, and data, we hope that the quality of our web design and software truly facilitate growth and development for our clients’ businesses. Thanks to our diligence, commitment, and excellence in work and service, ElifTech gladly shares the news that Clutch has counted us among the top web developers in Lviv, Ukraine and top 500 Leading B2B Service Providers in Poland and Ukraine. Clutch’s sister website, The Manifest, has also ranked us among their top web developers in Ukraine and app developers in Ukraine.

Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch and The Manifest research and review small and medium-sized businesses like ElifTech. Clutch compiles and analyzes data that pertain to firms’ market presence, previous experience, and client service to create rankings of companies within industries like web design, UI/UX, web and app development, and more. With such an extensive evaluation that considers both quantitative and qualitative dimensions of how businesses like ElifTech operate and create, we are appreciative of the recognition from Clutch among other leaders in our web industry.

We also would like to highlight some of the feedback that our clients have left about us on our Clutch profile and thank our previous and current clients for their partnership with ElifTech in trusting us to serve them well. In their reviews, clients particularly noted our transparency and flexibility in addition to the excellent quality of product that they ultimately received.

“We’ve been really happy with their work,” stated one client. “They feel like they’re part of the team.”
“They always did what they said they were going to do, in the time they said they would do it. They would communicate if they had any questions. They’re all bright, easy to get along with, and have good language skills,” shared another client. “Their ability to design and develop quality software from conflicting and complicated product requirements was impressive.”
“ElifTech's platform exceeded expectations, showing no signs of bugs or negative user feedback. In addition to being responsive and dedicated to meeting deadlines, their transparency and willingness … sets them apart,” raved a third.

This feedback from our clients verifies the reputation for strong products, timeliness, and professionalism that ElifTech strives to maintain with every client and project of ours. Thank you to Clutch for the acclaim of being named among the top developers in Lviv and top 500 Leading B2B Service Providers in Poland and Ukraine and also to our clients for their partnership and praise. We look forward to collaborations with more clients in the future!