Corporate vehicle and asset management solution

MapTrack is a comprehensive fleet management solution developed for a client in the logistics industry based in Belgium. The system facilitates short- and long-term rental of industrial equipment, supporting the company's Service & Repair division while ensuring the fleet is accessible, manageable, and operational. The existing system needed enhancements to address poor performance, lack of real-time vehicle location and analytics, inefficient resource utilization, manual fee calculation, and even support for hosted and on-premise applications.

The project aimed to improve system performance, add various functionalities, and enable multi-tenant architecture for both on-premise and hosted operational modes. The goal was to achieve more efficient exploitation of fleet and personnel resources, provide automated calculation of fees, and offer the platform in multiple languages.

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Services we provided

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  • Performance Optimization
  • Automated Reporting

About the client

Our client developed a fleet management system interface to empower his business, which is short- and long-term rental of industrial equipment and to support the company’s Service & Repair division. The purpose of the system was to ensure that the company’s vehicle fleet remains accessible, manageable, and in service.


The client needed a new solution based on the fleet management system to track his vehicles' locations around Europe and provide real-time analytics to allow more efficient exploitation of his company's fleet and personnel resources. Besides, the solution would have to provide an automated calculation of the fees to be paid depending on a vehicle type and route distances. The main tasks were to boost the system's performance, enable multi-tenant architecture to support the program in the hosted and on-premise modes, and make the solution available in multiple languages.


Considering the specific requirements for the project, we decided to step away from the standard mean stack. We used PostGIS and PostgreSQL to develop the solution that provides real-time location statuses for all assets on one dashboard — with full-fleet metrics, maintenance scheduling, instant alerts, and reports.

ElifTech’s solution included creating an internationalization mechanism, geofence, alarm notification, dashboard, and security modules. We implemented a routing module that enables the calculation of fees. For the sake of performance improvement, we used server-side instead of client-side paging.

Thanks to API optimization, we managed to reduce the number of requests to the database, and by reducing the number of requests to API, we optimized the client. The multi-tenant architecture was designed to support two deployment types: an on-premise and hosted app.

Key results and business value

MapTrack's implementation led to lowered operational costs and increased efficiency in business operations. With easy access to real-time analytics and an intelligent dashboard, the company now manages its resources more effectively. The solution contributed to reducing unauthorized vehicle usage, optimizing routes, improving fleet productivity, and minimizing fuel consumption.

Features delivered

  • Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking
  • Fleet's Route Optimization and Logistics Algorithms
  • Automated Reporting Tool
  • Online Dashboard and Analytics
  • Smart Repair Alert System
  • Calculation of Fees Based on Vehicle Type and Route Distance

Enables constant tracking of vehicles for enhanced operational awareness and management.

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