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Discover the true potential of your business idea or existing enterprise with highly skilled and dedicated development team. We are passionate about precision, focused on function, driven by design, and committed to turning your idea into reality.

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We cover all software development services with the dedicated development team

Navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape requires a partner as committed to the journey of innovation as you are. Hiring a dedicated software development team brings onboard that expertise and ensures undivided attention to your project, allowing for a controlled and high-quality output. From emerging startups to established enterprises, our dedicated product development team will power your growth and innovation.

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With web development services, you can confidently venture into the digital world. Our seasoned dedicated developers adeptly build bespoke web apps or websites, breathing digital life into your ideas. Whether you seek a simple online presence or intricately complex web applications, we deliver performance-oriented and user-centric solutions.

Harness the power of mobile platforms with our mobile development services. We empower your business with intuitive, sleek, and engaging mobile applications developed across iOS and Android platforms. Leverage our proficiency to extend your reach and engage your audience.

Revamp and revitalize your existing software with software reengineering services. We innovate to modernize your software without compromising its core functionalities. Experience enhanced performance, stability, and security while enjoying consistent delivery of value.

The key to enduring customer satisfaction lies in seamless user experience and visually gratifying user interfaces. Our team conceptualizes and implements designs that promote usability, efficient navigation, and engaging user experience. Influence customer interactions positively and earn their enduring satisfaction.

Unchain your business from the restrictions of traditional infrastructure with our migration to cloud services. Enjoy the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness that cloud platforms offer while ensuring unwavering data security and accessibility.

Our dedicated software development team is perfect for tech companies that want to scale seamlessly


Grow Your Product Development Team for the Long Term

A sustainable growth strategy requires building a strong and dedicated product development team. Hire a dedicated development to tap into a pool of globally acclaimed talent, ensuring your team evolves in lockstep with your business. Accelerate your business growth as you add precise talent to your team, exactly when you need it.


Speed Up Your Pace of Innovation

When you're looking at scaling your business through innovation, timeframe becomes crucial. Our dedicated development team model provides you the flexibility to speed up your innovation cycle, cultivating a distinctive competitive advantage.


Add New Tech Expertise or Experience

As technology continues its relentless advancement, keeping your team updated can be a challenge. Our dedicated development team model offers ready access to professionals with varied tech expertise and experience, ensuring your team stays technologically relevant and skilled.


Expand Your Overall Development Capacity

Expanding your business often necessitates increasing your development capacity. With our dedicated software development team, add more skilled professionals effortlessly to your development team and handle larger, more complex projects with confidence.

Why a dedicated development team

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    It is a cost-efficient model

    The model is highly cost-efficient. Instead of spending on hiring and training new in-house employees, you just pay for the services of the dedicated software development team. This eliminates overhead costs, making it a financially smart choice.

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    It is an agile development

    The dedicated development team model supports agile development, one of the most effective software development methodologies. This means your project can pivot quickly based on feedback or changing business needs, leading to an end product that's more closely aligned with your objectives.

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    It reins in control

    Although the dedicated development team might not be directly within your office premises, you'll retain control over the project. This includes oversight over workflows, timelines, deliverables, and other key aspects while managing the project remotely.

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    It supports collaboration

    One of the most significant benefits of a dedicated team model is the high level of collaboration. The dedicated software development team becomes a part of your company, working in sync with your in-house team members and understanding your business needs to deliver the best results.

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    It speeds up the development cycle

    With a dedicated development team, the development cycle speeds up. The team is focused on your project, which eliminates the possibility of task switching and ensures that the work is completed faster.

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    It puts focus on the task at hand

    The team's full attention is invested in understanding your business needs, studying your project's intricacies, and executing tasks with a high level of precision. This focus results in better productivity, more thoughtful decision-making, and ultimately, a successful project outcome that aligns with your vision and goals.

Dedicated team structure


Project Manager

Ensures alignment and coordination

Oversees project timeline, monitors progress, resolves issues, and maintains communication


Development Team

Translates project needs into functional software

Designs, codes, and integrates software components


UI/UX Designers

Designs visually stunning and user-centric interfaces

Creates intuitive and user-focused UI/UX designs, enhancing user experience and satisfaction


QA Testers

Guarantees a high-quality end product

Performs testing throughout the development process, identifies issues, and verifies that performance criteria are met



Streamlines development and deployment processes

Builds, deploys, automates, and monitors software applications and infrastructure, ensuring seamless delivery

How do we divide your project responsibilities


Project Management

Manage project timeline, coordination between team members

Oversee the project, provide feedback, approve project stages

Defining Project Requirements

Assist in refining requirements based on technical expertise

Provide initial project requirements and final approval

Software Development

Implement functional software according to requirements

Provide input and feedback on software functionality

UI/UX Design

Design user-centric interfaces

Provide input and approval on design aesthetics and usability

Quality Assurance

Conduct testing, identify and fix issues

Test software performance in the live environment

Deployment and Maintenance

Deploy updates, monitor software, handle maintenance

Provide feedback on software performance, request updates

Regular Progress Updates & Communication

Keep the customer updated, communicate any issues or changes

Communicate needs, expectations, provide feedback

Dedicated software development team setup


Scope Definition and Planning

Together, we define the scope of your project, set timelines, and plan the resources needed. This step sets up the overall direction and roadmap of the project, fostering clarity and alignment from the start.


Team Selection

Based on your project requirements and the skills needed, we recommend a selection of professionals from our pool of dedicated developers, project managers, designers, and other specialists. You have the final say on who will form your dedicated team.


Assigning Your Team

Once the team members are chosen, they are assigned to your project. This effectively extends your team to include these specialists who will solely focus on your project moving forward.



We facilitate a smooth onboarding process to integrate the extended team with your existing one. The new team members familiarize themselves with your project's specifics, tools, and practices to ensure they are ready to contribute effectively.


Kick-off and Project Execution

Following the successful onboarding, the project kicks off. The dedicated team dives head-first into the work, guided by the previously defined scope and plans.

What you will get with our dedicated team model


Truly Scalable On-Demand Teams

We provide you with truly scalable, on-demand teams. Whether you need to upscale or downscale your team, we offer seamless flexibility that aligns with your project needs. Our dedicated teams adapt to your business requirements, assuring productivity and timely deliverables regardless of team size.


Tech Advisory for Smooth Delivery

We offer comprehensive tech advisory services that ensure smooth project delivery. Our expert advisors guide you on the technical aspects of your project, clarify all your tech-related queries, and offer optimal solutions for potential challenges. This proactive tech assistance assures smooth workflows and seamless project delivery.


End-to-End Project Done Right

Our dedicated teams provide an end-to-end solution to your project needs, covering all stages from initiation and planning to execution and closure. We are committed to excellence and ensure every component of your project is handled with the utmost precision and skill. Our result-oriented approach guarantees you an end product done right, meeting your highest expectations.

The power of industry expertise


Revolutionize the way you manage finances with our expert FinTech development services. From digital wallets to enterprise level finance management systems, we create innovative solutions tailored to your needs.

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ElifTech delivers value to your users with scalable e-commerce products as well as B2C & B2B shopping portals. Increase your ROI and the number of returning customers by employing our eCommerce product development services.

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Unlock the potential of healthcare innovation. Empower your healthcare business with custom electronic health records, telemedicine platforms, and medical data analytics solutions that optimize patient care and streamline operations. Stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional care to your patients.

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Discover the limitless possibilities of the Internet of Things. We create custom IoT solutions that drive business growth and enhance customer experiences. From sensors and wearables to smart home automation and industrial IoT, we deliver end-to-end services that ensure your success.

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Hiring a dedicated development team allows you to access a diverse pool of highly skilled software developers, without the need to recruit and manage an in-house team. A dedicated team can easily adapt to your project requirements, providing flexibility and scalability, while helping you maintain control over the project and budget.
In the dedicated team model, you engage with an external outsourcing company to hire dedicated software development teams tailored to your project needs. The outsourcing company oversees the recruitment process, ensuring a smooth team structure that fits your project requirements. You retain full control over the project while benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of the external team.
By choosing dedicated development team services, you get tailored software team solutions, access to a wide array of expertise, and reduced administrative costs. These services provide skilled resources, offshore dedicated teams, and support for your projects, enabling a more efficient development process and an overall enhanced outcome.
A dedicated team of developers includes various roles like software developers, a dedicated project manager, UI/UX designers, QA specialists, and more. Each team member brings their unique skills and experience to meet your specific goals, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your development project.
Successful collaboration with an outsourced team requires clear channels of communication, setting reasonable expectations, and sharing the right tools for collaboration. We encourage frequent updates from both sides and build soft skills that include teamwork, adaptability, and active collaboration. This leads to a harmonious partnership and the effective delivery of your project.
When hiring a dedicated team from an outsourcing company, consider factors such as technical expertise, team structure, communication skills, experience with similar projects, and the engagement models offered. It's essential to select a team that understands your goals and shares your vision, ensuring a successful partnership and a successful project outcome.

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