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What is product discovery, and how does it work?

Every business is a unique venture with its signature set of objectives and challenges. Empower your growth journey with the discovery phase to achieve your business objectives.

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You are a newly-born startup with a great idea in mind

As a startup, the discovery process is vital in shaping your vision into a feasible product. It ensures you're working on the right problem for the right group of audience, and at the right time. It transforms your unique idea into a product concept, identifies potential challenges and opportunities, and lays out a strategic roadmap for software product execution.

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You are a functioning business researching new opportunities

For established businesses seeking new ways for growth, the software product discovery process serves as a beacon, aiding them to navigate into new territories with confidence. The process involves an intricate analysis of market trends, competition, and potential customer needs, helping your business to pivot or advance into a new direction with minimized risks.

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You have a new product idea within a business ecosystem

When you are planning to introduce a new product in an existing business system, software discovery steps in to ensure that the new product harmonizes with the established setup and offers incremental value. It assists you in creating a comprehensive roadmap for the new product, aligning it with your business goals, and planning for its interaction and integration with existing systems.

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You need a reengineering of an existing product

In scenarios where an existing product needs a complete makeover, software discovery conducts a thorough review, helping to identify challenges, blind spots, and potential. Through rigorous market research, customer feedback, and competitive analysis, the product discovery service provides your business with valuable insights to refurbish your software product in line with the latest trends and customer needs.

Three key challenges the discovery phase can solve


Lack of Product Vision

Avoid ambiguity by establishing accurate project requirements at the early stages. The common dilemma of 'where to start' or 'what direction to take' can cast a cloud over your project's launch, leading to confusion and misaligned efforts during development. Through an in-depth discovery phase, we dissect your product's purpose, identify its key features and benefits, and shape a clear, strategic vision. 


Undefined Objectives

Ensure ideal resource distribution by understanding your project scope and scale accurately. Unclear processes can be a significant stumbling block in your project development, causing confusion, lack of coordination, and inefficiencies that can delay your project and lead to cost overruns. Fortunately, the Discovery Phase is designed to tackle this issue head-on.


Eliminating Cost and Time Overruns

Unforeseen challenges and changes can lead to escalating costs and stretching timelines in software development. With the discovery phase, we nip this issue in the bud. By anticipating and addressing potential hiccups upfront, we circumvent delays and budgetary blowouts, ensuring the eventual journey is as smooth as planned.

What do we discover?

Benefits of the discovery service


Significantly Lower Risks

Ideas hold great potential, but without proper execution, they can easily turn into missed opportunities. Our software product discovery process acts as an effective risk mitigation strategy. We dig deep to explore and validate your product ideas, ensuring that every step we take steers clear of pitfalls. We don’t just make great strides; we make sure they're in the right direction.


Real-Time User Validation

At the heart of every successful product is the user whose life it enhances. Leveraging user validation, we ensure your software product resonates with potential users' actual needs. This ensures that market demand drives product development, keeping it relevant and desired.


Cost Reduction

Your dream deserves prudence, not prodigality. Our software product discovery services help keep development costs down by nailing the product scope upfront, thereby avoiding costly course corrections later. We scrutinize every aspect of your idea, eliminating costly redundancies, and placing a spotlight on value-driven features.


Clear and Transparent Goals

In the journey of product development, clarity is the beacon that guides us. We establish transparent, realistic, and achievable project goals that align with your vision. Our product discovery team is committed to unveiling your product's full potential, and maintaining transparency throughout our collaboration ensures seamless progress and results that hit the mark.

Key components of the discovery phase

Project discovery process


Assess Initial Idea

We start by dissecting your initial idea and analyzing it in the context of your business objectives and the wider market landscape. This critical step sets the stage for an accurate and results-focused project route.


Establish Success Metrics

Measuring success is central to our approach. By defining clear success metrics early in the process, we ensure that every stage of development aligns with your business goals, and the product proves instrumental in driving growth.


Define the Feature Set

Based on our evolved understanding of your vision and market needs, we define a feature set that resonates with your target users and sets your product apart in the market. Our expert analysis ensures that each feature contributes to achieving your broader business objectives, leading to a rise in customer retention.


Create a Proof of Concept

During this project discovery stage, we validate the feasibility of your product ideas through a proof of concept, alleviating potential technical uncertainties and setting a clear course for the development team to follow.


Build Prototypes

A clickable prototype is crucial to visualizing the end product and aligning all stakeholders. We build intuitive prototypes that drive the development process and facilitate user testing.


Validate the Project

Finally, we validate the project against success metrics established at the outset, reinforcing confidence in the product vision and the resulting development roadmap.

Who is involved in the process

Transforming a concept into a compelling product is a journey, a synthesis of understanding, creativity, and technology. You have an idea, and we have the tools to bring it to life. Empower your software product journey with us and build software that truly meets market needs.


Project discovery deliverables

SRS document


Click-through UI prototype


Architecture vision


Development-ready mockups and UI kit


Technology, tools & frameworks


3-party solution assessment


Infrastructure vision


Implementation efforts estimate


Development team composition


Implementation budget and product roadmap


Why choose ElifTech for your discovery phase?

Our project discovery phase is not just about mitigate risks; it's about leveraging our detailed understanding of your business, the market, and the end-user to deliver a product that drives your venture's success. Follow a trajectory of success for your business, starting with a robust discovery phase—a decision that countless successful businesses have never regretted.


Precision in Understanding

ElifTech's distinct analytical approach ensures we go beyond surface-level understanding. We delve deep into your business objectives, identifying the exact needs of your project with exceptional precision. Our precision-fueled insights lead to a concrete roadmap that guides projects to successful completion.


Unwavering Reliability

Commitment and reliability are the basis of our service delivery. Our extensive experience lends us the ability to consistently provide insightful and reliable guidance throughout your discovery phase. We have exemplified this with the successful launch of numerous products for our clients, whose software products exceeded initial market expectations primarily due to the robust foundation set in the discovery phase.


Focused End Goals

We ensure your business stays focused on the end goal while we navigate the intricate elements of the discovery phase. Our primary objective is not only to assist in identifying key targets but also to maintain unwavering attention and commitment towards achieving them.


Result Oriented Approach

We deliver practical, data-backed solutions that drive success. We strongly believe in tying all our discoveries, developments, and decisions back to your overarching business goals.  Backed by our expert team, we focus on your end goals that direct our every action, decision, and strategy, contributing to a roadmap that guarantees success.

We mean business. Because that’s what you expect from us.


The product discovery phase, which occurs at the inception of a software project, greatly contributes to the optimization of subsequent development stages of the future product. Through in-depth examination and validation of your business idea by a dedicated team of project managers, product owners, and business analysts, it ensures that your project is grounded with a clear pathway and product market fit. With this calculated risk-minimization approach, we have helped numerous startups achieve significant growth and avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with skipping this most crucial step.
The ideal team composition for the product discovery phase includes experienced project managers, perceptive product owners, and proficient market researchers. Combining their expertise, the team works cohesively towards understanding your unique vision, navigating the software project, and driving your business idea to success. By assembling this multidisciplinary team, we impart precision, reliability, and a clear focus on your end goal, creating a steadfast partnership that motivates growth and offers concrete examples of success.
During the product discovery phase, our team conducts extensive research and analysis to identify your software product's target audience, their specific needs, and how your idea can fill that gap. By consistently aligning the project's trajectory with these insights, our dedication tips the scale in favor of success, ensuring your final product achieves a precise product-market fit. This method has consistently resulted in startups and medium-sized businesses validating their ideas with conviction, unlocking exponential growth, and accomplishing their overarching business objectives.

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