My Preschool Kit

Mobile app for exercise training and music learning through interactive activities

The project involved the development of the Motion & Music mobile application for My Preschool Kit, an educational company focused on preschool-aged children. The app aimed to combine exercise training and music learning through interactive activities. The Motion & Music app was designed to foster a child's understanding of basic coding principles and musical structures through engaging activities. These activities utilized sounds, colors, shapes, and physical routines to stimulate interaction and learning.

Educational app

Services we provided

  • Mobile App Development
  • App’s Core Functionality Development
  • Integration with External Services
Educational app

About the client

My Preschool Kit specializes in creating educational tools for young children, emphasizing learning through play and interaction. The company's mission is to provide innovative solutions that engage children and promote holistic development.


The main challenge was to create a mobile app that effectively combined exercise and music learning while catering to the specific needs and capabilities of preschool-aged children. Additionally, the client sought to enhance user engagement and ensure the app aligned with their business model.

Educational app


  • Mobile App Development
  • Core Functionality
  • Analytics

The project focused on mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms. The technical implementation of Motion & Music mobile app development involved leveraging Flutter for cross-platform app development and integrating Firebase Analytics for comprehensive data tracking and analysis, resulting in an engaging and data-driven user experience. The cross-platform nature of Flutter ensured consistent app performance and behavior across different devices and operating systems.

Features delivered

  • Trial Version Option
  • Simplified Piano Interface
  • Dual Functionality in Color and Night Piano
  • Flashing Piano Keys
  • Added Logotype

Previously, users were required to purchase the app upfront. Now, the app has been adapted to offer a trial version. Users can download the app and access limited features, such as programming the dance and yoga robot with a few movements. If they enjoy the trial and wish to access additional content, they can then make a purchase.

Educational app

Key results and business value

  • Improved User Engagement
  • Enhanced Educational Experience
  • Strengthened Brand Identity

The enhanced features and interactive elements increased user engagement, leading to longer app usage sessions and repeat visits.

Technology we used


Flutter Logo
Firebase Logo

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