Namely Co

Shopify website design and management system for blanket store

Namely Co, an Australian-based personalized knitwear brand, aimed to elevate its online presence and streamline its operational efficiencies. The brand, known for its high-quality, bespoke knitwear items, faced challenges with its dual-website model (for the USA and Australia markets), manual price management, and inefficient order processing system.

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Services we provided

  • Shopify App Development
  • Website Redesign
  • Price Management Tool
  • Order Management Improvement
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About the client

Namely Co encompasses timeless and modern knit designs. The main focus is to provide customers with individual style, quality, and ethically sourced products.


Namely Co operated two websites, one for the USA and another for AU, specializing in personalized knitwear products. They engaged ElifTech with the aim of achieving three primary objectives: redesigning the user interface to enhance visual clarity and user-friendliness; developing a tool for managing price changes across both websites, thereby streamlining operations and reducing manual effort and time consumption; improving the order management system, as the existing process of collecting orders from the websites and forwarding them to the factory for manufacturing and shipping was inefficient.

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We faced a decision: to develop a comprehensive Shopify plugin or to create an independent service that utilized the API to gather essential information. Initially, this service was designed to search and compile all product listings from two websites, comparing them by their SKU (identical products share the same SKU) for further management. Additionally, we implemented a script allowing our clients to seamlessly transfer orders from the websites directly into a dedicated Google Sheet. This innovation ensures no orders are overlooked, provides complete order details, and offers a more user-friendly and efficient management system.

Features delivered

  • Home Page Layouts
  • Geolocation-Based Functionality
  • Dynamically Adjusting Data
  • Auto Order Screening
  • Weekly Checking for Missing Orders
  • Notifications
  • Managing Products by SKU

Tailored designs for the Australian and the United States markets to cater specifically to the preferences and needs of visitors from these regions.

Key results and business value

Our client was presented with a refreshed design for two websites (USA and AU). This enhancement underscored the product's features, demonstrating its innovative and aesthetic qualities down to the finest detail. Moreover, the development of our product management tool enabled effortless control of pricing across both websites from a single location. Further enhancement came in the form of a newly added script to the management system. This enabled clients to seamlessly transfer orders from the websites to a dedicated Google Sheet. This process previously required manual effort; however, we've effectively automated it. The developed solution eliminates overlooked orders and missed information, offering an easier, more user-friendly experience.

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