Apps for Pet Care

Apps for pet care with real-time updates, appointment management, and prescription refills

The project involved the development of a comprehensive digital solution for pet care facilities and pet owners aimed at improving communication and services within the pet care industry. The mobile app served as a central hub for pet owners to receive real-time updates about their pets' care at veterinary facilities, enabling appointment requests and prescription refills. Web platforms included a superadmin platform for facility management and a clinic platform for appointment and prescription management. An iPad app was tailored for clinic staff to efficiently manage pet appointments and provide immediate updates to pet owners.

By combining real-time communication, appointment management, and community engagement features, the solution enhances the pet care experience for both pet owners and veterinary professionals, fostering a sense of trust, convenience, and community within the pet care ecosystem.

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    Pet Care

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Mobile app for pet care

Services we provided

  • Project Discovery
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX Design
Mobile app for pet care

About the client

Our client is a startup founded by an entrepreneur passionate about pets and determined to innovate the pet care industry. With a vision for digital transformation within the pet care industry, the company aims to revolutionize the way pet owners interact with veterinary hospitals and engage with each other. As a solo endeavor, the client embodies innovation and dedication, seeking to bridge the gap between pet care facilities and pet owners through the development of cutting-edge technology. Client's ultimate goal is to digitize communication channels, enhance the pet care experience, and create a thriving social network where pet enthusiasts can connect, share experiences, and support one another.


The client had previously engaged with a vendor whose work did not meet expectations. The primary challenge was twofold: firstly, to redefine the scope for developing a new cross-platform mobile app on React Native, and secondly, to improve the backend infrastructure for improved efficiency and performance. Another significant challenge was the need to integrate various features while ensuring a smooth transition from the previous vendor's work. Overall, the challenge revolved around refining the project scope, modernizing the technology stack, and aligning the UI/UX design with client expectations to deliver an intuitive and user-friendly solution that met the evolving needs of the pet care industry.

Mobile app for pet care


  • Project Discovery
  • Superadmin Web Platform
  • Web Platform for Pet Clinics
  • Mobile App for Pet Owners
  • iPad App for Clinic Staff
  • UI/UX Design

A two-week discovery phase was conducted to analyze the current system, make a breakdown of features for mobile apps, refine requirements for code refactoring and improvements of back-end, and update designs. The new mobile app was built with updated designs, ensuring enhanced user experience and interface appeal. All client requests for new and updated functionality were implemented, alongside significant improvements to the system's efficiency, stability, and performance. The solution was designed to meet the diverse needs of both pet owners and veterinary facilities, with a focus on real-time communication, appointment management, and community engagement.

Features delivered

  • Pet Profiles
  • Pet Parents, Co-Parents, and Supporters Functionality
  • Newsfeed
  • Pet Activity Tracking
  • Pet Actions (Appointments, Prescription Refills)
  • Pet Appointments Tracking Board

Users can create and manage profiles for their pets, including essential information such as name, breed, age, and medical history.

Key results and business value

  • Digitized Operations
  • Digitized Communication
  • Establishment of a Social Network
  • Improved System Efficiency, Stability, and Performance
  • Enhanced User Experience

The developed apps contributed to significant improvements in operational efficiency for pet care facility administrators. By centralizing facility management tasks, such as creating new facilities, managing appointments, and assigning staff roles, administrators were able to streamline operations and reduce administrative overhead. In addition, the apps facilitated seamless communication and collaboration among pet care facility administrators, staff members, and pet owners.

Technology we used


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