Healthcare management system with a WordPress Plugin

TriageTrak is a healthcare management system (HMS) that provides organizations with real-time management of physicians, offices, and service information for their websites.

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Services we provided

  • Software Product Development
  • Database and Software Architecture
  • App Functionality Development
  • WordPress Plugin Integration
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • UI/UX Design

About the client

Points Group is a healthcare marketing & publishing company specialized in a wide range of services for the healthcare sector, such as digital marketing, content services, website development, and tech solutions. The majority of Points Group’s customers are healthcare organizations, especially smaller private practices that need help with managing their healthcare organization information. Therefore, Points Group kept receiving multiple requests for a healthcare management tool that would help such organizations control and automatically update information regarding doctors and their practice - operating hours, locations, and specialties.


Points Group was regularly receiving requests from their healthcare customers for a healthcare management tool that could automate the process of updating and maintaining crucial information about physicians, practice locations, operating hours, and specialties. Recognizing this unmet need, Points Group embarked on the development of a healthcare management system called TriageTrak.

However, the company faced a significant challenge - a lack of in-house technical expertise to build and implement such a complex system. Additionally, the majority of their customers were using WordPress for their websites, so the system needed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress platforms. The main technical hurdle was maintaining a reliable and secure connection with the TriageTrak API due to the short lifespan of access tokens.



  • Software Product Development
  • Software Architecture Strategy
  • Customized Functionality Modules
  • WordPress Plugin Integration
  • API Communication Protocol
  • UI/UX Design

Our team approached the development of the TriageTrak Healthcare Management System and its WordPress plugin integration with a comprehensive strategy that encompassed architectural design, functional development, and user experience enhancements. The solution was designed to effectively address Points Group's challenges and deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience for healthcare organizations and their patients.

Features delivered

  • Practitioner Management
  • Role-Based System
  • Appointment and Location Services
  • Database and System Architecture
  • Customer Support
  • WordPress Plugin Integration

A dedicated doctors module featuring bios and awards. A multimedia section for highlighting doctor profiles.

Key results and business value

  • Automated Data Updates
  • Enhanced Patient Experience and Engagement
  • Convenient Appointment Scheduling
  • Efficient Staff Management
  • Real-Time Information
  • Improved Decision-Making

The TriageTrak system's automated data update capabilities eliminated the need to manually update doctors' profiles, practice locations, and appointment availability. This resulted in significant time savings for healthcare organizations, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

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