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TriageTrak is a healthcare management system (HMS) that provides organizations with real-time management of physicians, offices, and service information for their websites.

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Pain Points Solved:

  • outdated info on doctors’ practice
  • inconvenient appointment scheduling
  • management of multiple locations
  • manual updating of the information inside HMS
  • time-consuming integration of HMS into the organizations' websites
  • management of the facilities' online presence

the Client

Points Group is a healthcare marketing & publishing company specialized in a wide range of services for the healthcare sector, such as digital marketing, content services, website development, and tech solutions.

The majority of Points Group’s customers are healthcare organizations, especially smaller private practices that need help with managing their healthcare organization information.


Points Group kept receiving multiple requests for a healthcare management tool that would help their customers control and automatically update information regarding doctors and their practice – operating hours, locations, and specialties.

Following the requests, Points Group decided to build a healthcare management system (HMS) called TriageTrak. But due to the lack of technical skills in-house, the company turned to us for help with the development of such a system.

Since most of the end-customers use WordPress, the decision was made to also develop API and a WP plugin that would let them easily connect to TriageTrak software.

One of the most challenging aspects was maintaining a constant connection with the API since this happens through access tokens that have a short lifespan.


Our team came up with an architectural solution involving a microservices approach to meet the requirements of interoperability with third-party solutions and potential plugins. It was also essential for satisfying maintainability requirements and for reducing dependencies between different solution modules.

Keeping our customer’s objectives in focus, we have developed a customized functionality for the TriageTrak healthcare management system, such as a scheduling module, doctors module, and locations module. Thanks to these core features, healthcare organizations can easily manage their staff and schedule appointments in a matter of minutes.

Next, we developed a WordPress plugin connection with TriageTrak API, the authorization and function of which allow for the continuous presence within the system. To minimize the number of requests to the API, a special system of data import was created. Our team implemented a basic structure, style, and style editor for displaying lists as well as for enabling design and structure customization.

Having installed this plugin, a person can log in to the TriageTrak system and access the information about doctors and their locations. The data is continuously updated on the side of the WordPress plugin so that the information on the website is never out of date.

Users can generate a shortcode and install it any place on the page to display the list of doctors. Doctors’ profiles can be fully managed and maintained by administrators or doctors themselves.

Features Developed


  • scheduling module
  • doctors module
  • locations module
  • doctor bio section and awards
  • picture and video section
  • integration with appointment scheduling software (ZocDoc)
  • centralized database access
  • flexible role-based system
  • call center application and front-desk module
  • configurable design and service structure

WordPress Plugin

  • fully configurable search functions
  • data import functionality
  • scheduling module for data import
  • shortcode generator
  • filtering functionality
  • search bar for finding doctors, locations and departments
  • doctor profile management
  • location page creation
  • departments page creation


Thanks to the project implementation, Points Group has met the expectations of its customers. One more digital product has been added to its offerings.

The WordPress plugin enables Points Group’s customers to conveniently use the newly created product by easily integrating their WP site with TriageTrak API. Thus, the WordPress plugin helps Points Group sell TriageTrak more.

This is an ongoing project where the ElifTech team acts as a support and maintenance department, continually working on enhancing TriageTrak functionality. In the meantime, our team is working on integrating the Google My Business solution into the TriageTrak that will allow users to manage their Google profiles directly from the healthcare management system.

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