Vox Veritas

Landing page design and development

The Vox Veritas Digital project encompassed the design of the landing page and the development of the company's corporate website. The primary aim was to develop a corporate landing page that showcases expertise in DAM, effectively communicates Vox Veritas Digital' offerings, and seamlessly connects with Theresa Regli's personal landing page.

The solution revolved around reimagining the visual aesthetics, enhancing user experience, and ensuring seamless integration between Theresa Regli's personal brand and Vox Veritas Digital's corporate identity.

Landing page

Services we provided

  • Website Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Knowledge Base Access

About the сlient

Vox Veritas Digital is a company founded by Theresa Regli, helping companies plan, optimize, and implement digital asset and media management strategies. Theresa Regli, a renowned figure in DAM since 2008, has guided over 300 DAM system procurements and authored extensive research on 50+ DAM systems. The core objective was to channel clients from Theresa's personal landing page to the corporate website to foster heightened interest in their services.


Designing the corporate landing page presented multiple challenges. The design needed to convey Vox Veritas Digital' reputation and credibility within the DAM industry while maintaining a cohesive visual connection with Theresa Regli's personal landing page. ElifTech's approach to the Vox Veritas Digital project involved reimagining the visual style and constructing a user-intuitive website, balancing the aesthetics, brand messaging, and navigational elements to create a seamless experience.


  • Visitor Flow Analysis & Optimized Navigation
  • UI/UX Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Development

To provide visitors with a seamless journey through the Vox Veritas Digital corporate website, a comprehensive analysis of visitor flow was conducted. This analysis enabled a deeper comprehension of user navigation patterns, highlighting potential hurdles or opportunities for enhancement. Informed by these insights, we fine-tuned the navigation framework by strategically positioning links and compelling calls to action.

Landing page

Features delivered

  • Personal Contact Blocks with "Contact Us" Link
  • Knowledge Base Access (Course Links)
  • Company Information Blocks with Contact Forms

Personalized information blocks were created, showcasing essential details. These blocks included a "Contact Us" link that directed visitors to Vox Veritas Digital' contact form, simplifying direct communication.

Key results and business value

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Strengthened Brand Perception
  • Heightened Conversion Rates
  • Scalable Content Management
  • Long-Term Business Growth

The user-centric design facilitated smooth navigation, contributing to heightened user engagement and a positive experience.


Landing page


Landing page

Technology we used


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