ElifTech Belongs to the Top 7% at Pangea

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We at ElifTech are real inventors! We’ve just joined the Pangea universe! It means that ElifTech is a transparent company aiming to build a long-lasting relationship with each partner and client.

ElifTech Earns Top Pangea Ranking for Commitment to Quality

Our current client mentioned Pangea as a trustworthy software development society. And it was the start of our journey. A few weeks after the internal research and communication with the Pangea team, our management team became firmly assured that ElifTech had to be a part of Pangea's unique society.

We were imbued with the initiative of Pangea to triangulate the companies on their main components: business processes, team vibe, and the insights of clients. The idea is worth joining as we've understood how it could simplify the lives of the companies looking for the best team for their project.

When we got to the verification process, we found it simple, structured, and exciting. We created a working group consisting of the leads of each business direction.

The first part was documentation. While overviewing our processes, we've looked under the hood of our client's journey and meticulously analyzed ElifTechs' approach to software development. It encouraged us to dive deeper into the processes and get valuable insights from our teams.

"It was an extraordinary experience from the very beginning. Thanks to the clear guidelines, we went through the process of gathering documentation and form-filling pretty frictionlessly. And it actually helped us to ask some unique questions which we had never asked before."— Yurii Kovalchuk, Head of Business Development

Then we moved to the measurements of the team wellness and client insight surveys. One of the most inspiring things was the high activity of the internal team and the customers' quick responses. We do appreciate everyone's contribution to our journey.

Common sync-ups helped us reapproach the internal policies. We've structured the processes to make our client's customer journey even more efficient, straightforward, and engaging.

Pangea Verification Badge
It’s an honor for ElifTech to become a part of the Pangea community.

Culture Cultivated by People and for People

Now, ElifTech is proud to be a part of the international community with a score of 8.8/10 from our beloved clients. The highest score of 9.3 we received for technical expertise and 9.0 for the average customer journey as well as project management and quality assurance. It means that our seven-year experience in the tech industry is valuable for the clients.

It was extremely pleasant to receive 8.9/10 from our team. The highest scores of 9.2 were assigned to management rapport and personal growth. We have learned that ElifTech obtains a strong culture assessed at 9.0 out of 10.

”ElifTech is an awesome place to grow both professionally and personally. Everyone is focused on reaching goals that truly matter, ready to support each other on the way to the destination. I also appreciate how the open-mindedness of the people contributes to innovations and creativity in our daily work.” — Nadia Hasiuk, Digital Communications Manager at ElifTech.

In each company, it is the team that builds culture. And with such a culture, we can handle anything. The peer rapport score is 9.0/10, which underlines a transparent, outgoing, and respectful atmosphere inside the team.

Nevertheless, we are going to grow and develop our strengths balancing and improving the weak points. Pangea verification helped us shed a light to the blind spots and develop step-by-step tactics to improve.

”I appreciate the family atmosphere in the company when you really feel that you are a part of the team and surrounded by friends.” – Vladyslav Dzyhar, Full-Stack Developer at ElifTech.

The sky's the limit. Our clients deserve the best possible experience.

Thus, a retrospective overview of all company directions is always beneficial for further progress. It provides a fresh look at each business component along with “backstage” insights.

As one of our managers said, “It was a new and quite challenging experience, and we’ve gone through it successfully”. Currently, ElifTech is open to new international collaborations and is ready to provide assistance with technical needs.

ElifTech software engineering team
ElifTech team during one of the knowledge-sharing sessions.

Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing

We are looking forward to extending our experience and establishing new collaborations. Following our intent to create a perfect nurturing space for both talents and customers, we will keep on enhancing our processes by bringing even more coherence and innovation to them.

Our partnership with Pangea inspires us, as well as the verification results. But in our culture, there is an unwritten rule to follow: keep on challenging yourself to grow and get better each day.

So we are excited in anticipation of the new tech challenges, each of which brings us one level higher and allows us to contribute even more value to our customers.

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