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Success Story: Transition from Previous IT Vendor to ElifTech

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Our success story revolves around a US-based startup that was facing significant challenges with its previous offshore IT vendor, but ultimately led to a success story. This startup had a vision of building an order management system for small and mid-sized logistics companies, but due to limited resources, they decided to outsource the development to a third-party vendor to bring their product to life. However, the previous development partner proved to be a major setback for the client.

Frustrated and dissatisfied with their previous IT vendor, the client sought a new tech partner to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for their order management system. The previous vendor's persistent struggles with core functionality, poor customer support, and missed deadlines that resulted in a high downtime had severely impacted the project's progress, jeopardizing their plans to deliver the final product and pushing the client to the edge of disappointment.

Recognizing the urgency to deliver the product, the client became resolute in pursuing a new IT vendor who could deliver visible results swiftly. As a new IT vendor, we faced the immense challenge of meeting the client's high expectations and regaining their trust in effective IT outsourcing collaboration within a limited timeframe.

IT Project Transition: Pain Points

  • One of the major challenges the client faced was poor communication and customer support. The communication barriers resulted in ineffective and untimely updates.
  • The lack of transparency further exacerbated the problem, leaving the client in the dark about the project's progress.
  • The code delivered by the previous vendor suffered from numerous bugs and issues, which were evident even during demo meetings. This compromised the client's confidence in the vendor's ability to provide reliable, error-free software.
  • The previous vendor consistently failed to meet their self-imposed deadlines, causing multiple delays and constantly shifting final release dates, thereby increasing downtime.
IT project transition plan: customer's pain points

ElifTech's Approach

To address the client's concerns and prevent similar issues, we devised a comprehensive strategy focused on improving communication, ensuring code quality, and meeting deadlines. Our goal was establishing a strong and reliable partnership with the client through a comprehensive IT project transition plan.

Communication improvement

Understanding the frustrations that plagued the client's journey, we implemented a rigorous approach to ensure clear, transparent, and timely communication. Recognizing the client's need for effective collaboration, we assigned a dedicated team proficient in English with a strong tech background to interact closely with the client's team. We implemented regular daily progress updates, ensuring that the client was informed about every aspect of the project, from bug fixes to feature enhancements.

Code quality assurance

Understanding the importance of delivering bug-free software, we introduced a Code Freeze approach before demo milestones. This allowed us to thoroughly test the code and resolve issues, guaranteeing smooth and glitch-free demo meetings. Additionally, we appointed a dedicated quality assurance (QA) tester who ensured that code quality remained a priority throughout the development process. This marked a significant departure from the previous vendor's approach, where developers themselves handled testing without dedicated QA resources.

Deadlines and transparency

We committed ourselves to realistic and achievable deadlines to restore the client's confidence in timely project completion. Also, we appointed a Project Manager responsible for managing the project's milestones, carefully estimating timelines, and allocating resources accordingly. In addition, we implemented an approach of Plan B in case we faced any obstacles in the way.

By taking proactive measures, such as regular progress updates, we ensured that any potential delays were immediately communicated to the client. This transparency allowed for a better understanding of project timelines and fostered a sense of accountability between our team and the client.

IT Project Transition: Plan and Process
IT Project Transition: Plan and Process

Key Results

IT Project Transition: Key Results

Overcoming Challenging Communication Dynamics

Taking over from the previous vendor, we faced the arduous task of building trust and navigating the challenging communication dynamics. Having experienced dissatisfaction with their previous vendor's communication skills, the client had reservations about outsourcing their project again.

Recognizing their disbelief in outsourcing from the very beginning of our collaboration, we demonstrated our commitment to addressing their pain points, improving communication, and delivering high-quality results.

Delivering Visible Results

With limited resources and an ambitious timeline, we harnessed our expertise and dedication to deliver visible results that would leave a client satisfied. We swiftly analyzed the existing codebase, identified areas of improvement, and focused on resolving critical issues that had impeded progress.

Our team harnessed their technical prowess and industry best practices to revitalize the core functionality, ensuring its reliability and efficiency. Demos, once delivered with numerous bugs, became showcases of seamless performance, leaving the client in awe of the transformation.

Exceeding Strict Expectations

Despite the tight timeframe, we managed to exceed the client's strict expectations in multiple areas. By enhancing communication and actively listening to their feedback, we swiftly addressed their concerns, alleviating their doubts about the project's progress.

Our commitment to quality was unwavering as we diligently tested and refined the system, minimizing bugs and ensuring a smoother user experience. With each passing day, we showcased our ability to adhere to deadlines, demonstrating our reliability and accountability.

Securing Trust and Future Collaboration

The client, initially skeptical of outsourcing their project once again, experienced a transformative shift in their perspective. Their strict expectations, once intended to assess our capabilities, became a testament to their newfound confidence in our ability to deliver. The visible results and our transparent communication fostered an atmosphere of trust and partnership.

project results

Within just a week and a half, the client witnessed a remarkable transformation. They saw the difference in our approach, our dedication to meeting their expectations, and the superior quality of our work. Impressed by our performance, the client re-signed the agreement, extending our partnership for longer.

Final Thoughts

The transition to the new IT vendor became a turning point for the startup, propelling them toward success. They sought a super-effective development team that would approach their project with professionalism, advice, and expertise, and ElifTech’s team managed to become such a partner. This success story highlights our commitment to being a trusted tech partner and advisor, addressing client’s pain points and delivering exceptional results that surpassed the client's strict demands.

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