Field service app for HVAC company

During this project, the ElifTech team developed and released a custom solution for a well-known HVAC service provider. We took their old work order system that relied largely on manual processes, gave it a complete makeover, and linked it with a better system with extended billing capacities. The platform streamlined their operations, minimized scheduling conflicts, and enhanced billing accuracy – critical factors in delivering superior customer service in the HVAC industry. At the same time, a mobile application was developed for field service employees’ convenience.

The project's highlights included a real-time scheduling system, work order system, and a comprehensive billing module, simplifying the previously complex and manual process. These advancements not only improved backend efficiency but also contributed significantly to their financial performance, creating a more cohesive and efficient service delivery system.

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Field service app

Services we provided

  • System Design Consulting
  • Product Development
  • Backend Integrations
  • Dashboard Development
  • Mobile Development
  • UX Design
  • Third-Party Integrations

About the client

Our client is a HVAC service provider with a broad footprint across the United States, offering comprehensive services for residential and commercial systems. With over 15 years in the industry, they specialize in installation, maintenance, and emergency repairs, including but not limited to central air systems, ductless mini-split systems, furnaces, heat pumps, and indoor air quality improvements. The company's vast network and operational needs – including precise scheduling, emergency responses, and inventory management – posed unique challenges.


The client relied on an outdated, manual-driven system for scheduling and dispatching, which led to frequent scheduling conflicts, including double-bookings and technician misallocations. This inefficiency in a demanding HVAC market caused customer dissatisfaction and service delays. Additionally, an outdated digital billing system operated in isolation, disconnected from the scheduling operations. This required employees to manually input service details into the billing system – an inefficient and error-prone process that resulted in billing inaccuracies and invoicing delays, negatively impacting the company's financial performance The lack of integration meant that services were not always invoiced correctly or promptly, with manual errors exacerbating the problem.

Field service app


  • System Solution
  • Custom Workflow and Algorithm Optimization
  • Work Order and Scheduling Dashboard
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Mobile App for Field Service Technicians

Our team integrated APIs for seamless data exchange between scheduling, dispatching, and billing components, automating the entire flow to cut down on manual data entry errors. For this, we used Node.js because it's great for managing lots of requests without slowing down.

Features delivered

  • Node.js-Based API Integration for Data Sync
  • Predictive Work Order and Scheduling System
  • Automated Task Assignment Algorithm
  • Real-Time Scheduling Conflict Detection Module
  • Vue.js Interactive Dashboard for Dispatchers
  • React Native Mobile App for Technicians
  • Serverless Billing Module with Dynamic Invoicing

Migrated scheduling, dispatch, and billing systems to a unified Node.js backend. This reduced system latency and improved data consistency across platforms.

Key results and business value

  • Reduced Scheduling Conflicts and Service Delays
  • Enhanced Billing Accuracy and Financial Performance
  • Real-Time Access for Enhanced Field Operations
  • Boosted Communication and Problem-Solving
  • Improved Operational Efficiency

Implementation of the custom algorithms for task assignments resulted in a significant reduction in scheduling conflicts, including double-bookings and technician misallocations, leading to more efficient service delivery.

Technology we used


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