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Education app for high school students

The project aimed to create a comprehensive platform enabling high school students to initiate and manage their first businesses. This web-based app allowed students to monitor finances, access mentorship, and gather essential business insights to nurture their entrepreneurial endeavors.

By integrating these solutions, the platform successfully catered to the diverse needs of high school students, offering them a secure, educational space to explore entrepreneurship. It facilitated hands-on learning experiences, provided valuable mentorship, and aligned closely with the educational values upheld by the client’s non-profit educational mission.

Edtech application

Services we provided

  • Web App Development
  • App’s Core Functionality Development
  • DevOps
  • Support
Edtech application

About the сlient

DaVinci Lab is dedicated to nurturing young talents and fostering critical thinking skills among children. With a mission centered on practical learning and innovation, they provide engaging educational experiences, including summer camps and specialized learning platforms. DaVinci Lab's collaboration on educational programs, including the development of the student-focused business platform, demonstrates its commitment to shaping tomorrow's innovators through hands-on learning initiatives that empower students to explore and innovate.


The primary challenge laid in developing an educational web app for high school students to register and operate businesses in a controlled, test-mode environment. The web app accommodated three types of student-registered companies, managed by three distinct administrator roles. A critical constraint was the fixed timeline, necessitating project completion before students returned to school.

Edtech application


  • Web App Development
  • App’s Core Functionality Development
  • DevOps
  • Support Service

The solution involved the software development of an educational web application tailored explicitly for high school students venturing into entrepreneurship. The software framework allowed students to experience a simulated business environment within a controlled test mode. The development centered on creating three differentiated administrative roles, each endowed with specific controls and permissions tailored to manage the registered companies. This feature encompassed a secure setting, enabling students to make business decisions, monitor finances, and implement strategies without real-world consequences.

Features delivered

  • Student-Driven Business Registration
  • Multi-Level Administrator Access
  • Test Mode Business Operations
  • Interactive Financial Monitoring
  • Mentorship and Educational Resources

The platform facilitated student-initiated business registrations, allowing them to explore various business models and ideas. It offered a seamless process for students to register and manage their test companies, fostering a sense of ownership and practical learning.

Key results and business value

  • Empowering Student Entrepreneurs
  • Educational Resource
  • Skill Development
  • Long-term Impact

The platform empowered high school students to explore entrepreneurship in a controlled environment, fostering innovation, creativity, and practical learning. Students can also manage the company's finances, select various strategies for business growth, and track the profitability of their chosen strategy.

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