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Asteria offers smart cash flow software designed to deliver financial insights for businesses to manage liquidity and stay ahead of the competition.

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Pain Points Solved:

  • overload of administrative tasks
  • out-of-date libraries of the payment platform
  • poor usability, runtime stability and overall performance
  • legacy code not meeting the newest standards
  • lack of specific software development expertise in FinTech

the Client

The client's headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. The founder Anders Norkvist launched the organization in 2016 to pursue the vision of providing next-generation cash flow technology to help people grow their companies and reduce administrative overload.

Asteria's smart software helps customers perform cash flow forecasting using cutting-edge technology: with it, you can predict cash flow gaps and find business opportunities.

The company partners with influential financial institutions, like Nordea Bank, Priorbank Belarus (part of Raiffeisen Bank International), and ING Bank.


In 2018, Asteria was developing and expanding quickly, so the company needed more profound expertise in development to keep up with the demands.

The client was looking for a dedicated development team with strong engineering skills and FinTech expertise to enhance and support his payment platform. A continuously growing client base encouraged Asteria to find specialists able to upgrade all the out-of-date libraries and improve platform usability, runtime stability, and overall performance.


ElifTech’s partnership with Asteria started in 2018 by bringing two skilled engineers on board. Our team worked on the development of a web application with a dashboard integrated into smart cash flow. They used React.js for the front-end and Node.js for the back-end.

Using Scalable Vector Graphics to develop the universal component, the ElifTech team made a stable, fully customizable icon component, sustainable for use everywhere during the project. During the work with the theme structure, ElifTech specialists were able to bring new ideas and optimal solutions for traversing themes and component style inheritance.

Moreover, our engineers were involved in architectural solution development, which included application organization to make it universal and suitable for Asteria customers. We also upgraded the code to make it meet new standards.

Features Developed

  • automatic cash flow forecast
  • generation of suggestions for cash flow improvement
  • smart banking
  • product and service analysis
  • payment patterns
  • customer behavior analytics


ElifTech's dedicated engineers brought new bright ideas and helped Asteria build advanced and reliable solutions.

With their expertise, the application runtime stability, code readability, and maintainability have been significantly improved. As a result, the Asteria project became much more adherent to the main partners’ requirements.

Architectural solution implementation made the application more sustainable and accessible for existing customers, which had a positive impact on the overall usability of the product.

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