Cash flow management & forecasting software

Asteria offers smart cash flow software designed to deliver financial insights for businesses to manage liquidity and stay ahead of the competition.

The project's key objective was to leverage deep expertise in FinTech and robust engineering skills to enhance and support the existing payment platform. This included updating all outdated libraries, enhancing platform usability, improving the runtime stability, and overall performance.


Services we provided

  • Application Development
  • Usability Improvement
  • Performance Optimization
  • Software Engineering

About the сlient

Asteria is a Sweden-based FinTech company focused on providing next-generation cash flow management and forecasting software. It aims to alleviate administrative burdens while delivering financial insights to help businesses manage liquidity and stay competitive. However, rapid growth and an expanding client base posed challenges around outdated libraries, performance, usability, and code meeting the latest software development standards.


In 2018, Asteria was developing and expanding quickly, so the company needed more profound expertise in development to keep up with the demands. The client was looking for a dedicated development team with strong engineering skills and FinTech expertise to enhance and support his payment platform. A continuously growing client base encouraged Asteria to find specialists able to upgrade all the out-of-date libraries and improve platform usability, runtime stability, and overall performance.



In 2018, ElifTech began collaborating with Asteria, adding two expert engineers to its team. Our efforts were focused on developing a web-based application featuring an innovative dashboard for smart cash flow analysis. Front-end development was achieved through React.js, while Node.js formed the backbone of the server-side functionality. Notably, the use of Scalable Vector Graphics enabled us to create a versatile icon component, universally deployable and entirely customizable within the project's scope.

Our team delivered fresh perspectives and sophisticated approaches to managing theme structures and the inheritance of component styles. Besides, our engineers also played a pivotal role in devising architectural frameworks, ensuring the application's adaptability, and aligning it with the diverse needs of Asteria's clientele. Additionally, the codebase was refined to align with contemporary standards.

Features delivered

  • Automatic Cash Flow Forecast
  • Cash Flow Improvement
  • Smart Banking
  • Product and Service Analysis
  • Payment Patterns
  • Customer Behavior Analytics

Implemented predictive analytics to project future cash flows, aiding in financial planning and decision-making.

Key results and business value

The project yielded significant improvements in the application's runtime stability, code readability, and maintainability, making it more sustainable and accessible for existing customers. The application's enhanced usability positively impacted the overall user experience. Hence, this project not only increased the solution's adherence to the main partner's requirements but also boosted the development and expansion of Asteria's innovative financial solutions.

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