Currency exchange platform for SMEs

ElifTech collaborated with Glyde, a FinTech startup, to create a user-friendly online currency exchange platform. The platform aimed to provide end-to-end FX automation for SMEs engaged in international trading, reducing the risks associated with traditional currency brokers and offering online payment solutions. Additionally, it sought to make corporate foreign exchange accessible to businesses involved in importing and exporting.

The project aimed to build a currency exchange platform as a cutting-edge and user-friendly solution for SMEs and businesses engaged in international trade.

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Services we provided

  • Web Development
  • UX Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Performance Optimization

About the client

Glyde, founded by two visionary brothers, Ellis and Nathan, is a dynamic FinTech company renowned for its innovative solutions in the currency exchange industry. Glyde was not their first venture in the FinTech sector; Ellis and Nathan had established several interconnected FinTech companies before embarking on this project. Founded with a vision of simplifying international financial transactions, Glyde aims to deliver cutting-edge financial technology services. With a track record of success and a portfolio of interconnected FinTech ventures, Glyde has established itself as a prominent player in the financial technology sector.


The primary challenge revolved around creating an aesthetically pleasing and interactive front-end user experience that was easy for customers to navigate and understand. ElifTech had to understand and meet the expectations of end-users who would use Glyde platform for international currency exchange. This involved not only creating a user-friendly interface but also ensuring that it met the functional and usability requirements of SMEs and businesses engaged in international trade.

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  • Front-End Development
  • User-Centric Design
  • Data Visualization and Interactive Elements
  • Responsive Design
  • Modularity
  • Performance Optimization

ElifTech's solution for Glyde's currency exchange platform was centered on front-end development, specifically emphasizing the creation of a user-friendly and interactive front-end interface. The front-end interface was designed with intuitive navigation in mind. We created a clear and logical menu structure, ensuring that users could easily access the platform's features and services.

Features delivered

  • Modularity
  • Interactive Elements
  • Data Management
  • Forms and Validation
  • Data Optimization

The development approach allowed for modularity, ensuring that future enhancements and changes could be incorporated seamlessly.

Fintech dashboard

Key results and business value

  • Improved User Experience
  • Efficient Data Management
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Business Growth

The implementation of a user-friendly front-end design made it easier for customers to interact with the platform, resulting in higher user satisfaction and engagement.

Technology we used


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