Trading Algorithms

Low-code platform for automated trading

Trading Algorithms is a low-code platform that lets traders without programming skills automate trading strategies easily, no external help required.

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Trading dashboard

Services we provided

  • Product Development
  • App Functionality Development
  • Third-Party Integrations
Trading dashboard

Features delivered

  • Indicator Management Tools
  • Trading Strategy Tools
  • User Management System
  • Admin Functionality
  • DLL Uploading Functionality
  • Marketplace Functionality

This comprises an indicator builder for custom indicator creation, indicator management for smoothly managing existing indicators, and custom indicator ordering for arranging these indicators according to user preferences.

About the Client

Trading Algorithms is a Ukraine-based startup that partners with a world-renowned trading platform. The owner of the startup Trading Algorithms, who is also an experienced trader and a trading consultant, has seen an unresolved pain point on the market: for the creation of trading strategies, traders need to turn to developers, which is very costly and takes too much time. That’s how the idea emerged to create a low-code platform that would help automate the trading process, making it cheaper, faster, and more convenient for the traders.


The core project’s goal was to create a platform that would allow traders with no programming skills to build indicators and use trading algorithms on an external trading platform. The biggest challenges were implementing the conversion of visual blocks represented in the Blockly library into machine-readable C# code and allowing generating DLL files.


Before developing the platform, we researched several third-party services to see what functions it needs to be superior on the market. The project consisted of two stages. During the first stage, we developed the functionality that allows building indicators, and during the second one, we implemented fully automated strategies.

Our team used XML code as an intermediate language between the Blockly visual blocks and C# code. We defined and described all possible use cases for correctly mapping and converting visual algorithms into working code and stored them as metadata in the database. The subscription module was another task for the team: we implemented a subscription flow for the end-users and integrated Stripe for payment processing.

A personal dashboard with extensive admin functionality developed by our team lets users manage their strategies and indicators as well as subscriptions. Not only was our team a technical partner, but we also considered the client’s business value and used it as our guiding star throughout the project.

Key results and business value

The platform developed by our team helps our client’s customers build automated indicators and create automated trading strategies by themselves and at a significantly lower price. These strategies, made from scratch or using existing samples, are then used for trading on an external trading platform. Customers can also order or buy ready-made indicators as well as sell their own ones via the platform.

Trading Algorithms is a unique platform on the market with a strong competitive edge, as long as it lowers the price of creating trading strategies and speeds up this process at many times. Having subscribed to the platform, a trader can independently build, buy or order a trading strategy for a couple of days, as opposed to 3-9 months usually needed to develop such a strategy with a developer's help. Moreover, faster time increases the accuracy of trading hypotheses as long as in trading, the market changes rapidly. Hence, it is vital to build and test your strategies as quickly as possible.

Trading Algorithms was designed as an extension to the existing trading platform known worldwide, but the client plans to make it an independent marketplace for traders in the future.

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