Digital platform for investment management

Feelcapital pioneers in providing digital financial advisory services in Spain, offering smart tools for investment and pension fund management. Recognizing the potential to optimize investments through advanced technology, Feelcapital's online tool empowers investors to manage their funds effectively without incurring the costs associated with private banking.

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Services we provided

  • Reengineering
  • Web Development
  • Platform Redesign
  • Functionality Enhancement
  • Payment System Integration
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About the Client

Feelcapital is the first Spanish advisor that personally analyzes profiles to optimize users' investments and pension funds. The Feelcapital online tool allows investors to control their money and perform transactions without the cost of private banking.


Feelcapital faced significant challenges including an outdated platform design, lack of functionality, and poor user experience. The existing platform, built with older versions of Angular and Node.js, suffered from maintainability issues, outdated data drivers, and technical limitations. There were also issues with integrating newer functionalities, such as log-in complications that required additional testing for resolution.

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The ElifTech team took an efficient approach by migrating the platform from Angular.js to the latest version of React.js to ensure better maintainability and support while also updating Node.js to version 8.00 for compatibility. This transition also involved updating the data drivers to kickstart the project effectively. Ensuring the seamless functioning of the payment system, the team introduced improvements in back-end functionalities and implemented a new payment process flow for increased efficiency.

ElifTech completely redesigned both user and admin modules, along with the Feelcapital blog built on WordPress, and integrated coupons into the payment system for a seamless transaction experience. Moreover, the back-end functionality was enhanced to support new features, including trial periods and improved subscription management.

Key results and business value

We have enhanced the functionality and fully redesigned the Feelcapital platform with a mobile-first approach. New functions, such as the ability to download CSV format files, have been introduced. We also improved the new flow for the payment system, contributing to end-user satisfaction.

After the successful platform redesign, we continued our collaboration with the client and provided a dedicated team for platform maintenance and further development of the features.

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Features delivered

  • Saving Payment History
  • Support of a New Email Format
  • Coupons Integrated into the Payment System
  • Subscriptions Management
  • Downloading CSV Format Files

Users can now keep track of all their transactions, enhancing transparency and financial management.

Technology we used


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