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Feelcapital is a digitized financial advisory firm that offers smart tools for investment management.

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Pain Points Solved:

  • outdated design and lack of functionality
  • inconvenient user experience
  • lack of solution maintainability and support
  • legacy stack causing tech limitations
  • out-of-date data drivers
  • problems with internal tech resources

the Client

Feelcapital is the first Spanish advisor that personally analyzes profiles to optimize users' investments and pension funds. The Feelcapital online tool allows investors to control their money and perform transactions without the cost of private banking.


The main challenges of our client included outdated design and lack of functionality, which worsened user experience. The initial platform was built with an older version of Angular and Node.js, so solution maintainability was another big issue. Date drivers were out-of-date.

With the new version of Node.js, users encountered complications with the log-in option, so additional testing was required.

The decision was made to perform a complete platform redesign to enhance its functionality and improve user experience.


The ElifTech team, together with a client, concluded to move from outdated Angular.js to the newest version of React.js to ensure platform maintainability and project support.

The Node.js version was updated to v8.0.0 for the sake of compatibility with the new front-end framework. We also updated the drivers to start the project.

The ElifTech team completely redesigned user and admin modules of the platform as well as the Feelcapital blog, which is built on WordPress. We also performed the migration of coupons inside the application to integrate them into the payment system. Additionally, we changed the back-end functionality and implemented a new payment flow.

To ensure that everything works appropriately, including the new functions such as trial periods and coupons, our QA engineers implemented a test strategy.

Features Developed

  • saving payment history
  • support of a new email format
  • coupons integrated into the payment system
  • easier subscriptions management
  • downloading CSV format files


We have enhanced the functionality and fully redesigned the Feelcapital platform with a mobile-first approach. New functions, such as the ability to download CSV format files, have been introduced. We also improved the new flow for the payment system, contributing to end-user satisfaction.

After the successful platform redesign, we continued our collaboration with the client and provided a dedicated team for platform maintenance and further development of the features.

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