Loop Generation

Marketplace app with multi-vendor functionality

Loop Generation, an ethically-minded fashion platform, approached ElifTech with a project to introduce multi-vendor functionality within their existing Shopify store. Loop Generation aimed to empower individual sellers to list their pre-loved clothing, accessories, shoes, and beauty products on their website. Loop Generation sought to optimize its product management and expand its collaboration with individual sellers to increase revenue.

The goal was to create a seamless experience for sellers, allowing them to submit products for verification and publication while maintaining a consistent user experience with the rest of the site.

Website design

Services we provided

  • Web App Functionality Development
  • Shopify App Customization
  • Shopify App Integration
  • UI/UX Design

About the client

Loop Generation is a retail platform dedicated to promoting sustainable fashion by offering high-quality pre-loved items for sale. With a physical store in London's Chelsea and a strong online presence, the company's mission is to contribute to circular fashion and sustainability by reintroducing fine fashion into the market.


Loop Generation faced the challenge of enabling private sellers to sell their products through their e-commerce store. They explored various solutions, including building a multi-vendor system from scratch or creating a custom Shopify add-on. However, these options required substantial budgets. Our proposed solution was to leverage an existing Shopify multi-vendor app, integrate it into their store, and customize it to meet their specific needs. This approach was cost-effective and aligned with their budget constraints. One of the technical challenges was determining the full capabilities of the selected multi-vendor app and understanding its limitations. This required extensive communication with the app's support team to discuss possibilities, features, and customization options.

Website design


  • Multi-Vendor App Functionality Development
  • Custom Features and Functionality
  • Integration of the App into the Existing Marketplace
  • UI/UX Design
  • Holistic Software Infrastructure

Developing a custom multi-vendor functionality within the existing Shopify marketplace was a pivotal part of our solution. Our team conducted a thorough assessment of available multi-vendor apps, with a focus on finding a solution that could align with Loop Generation's specific requirements and business goals while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The result of our work was a fully integrated multi-vendor functionality that blended seamlessly with the main Shopify website. Users experienced a consistent and intuitive interface, regardless of whether they were interacting with individual sellers or Loop Generation's own products.

Website design

Features delivered

  • Customized Private Seller Registration/Login Pages
  • Products Management Workflow
  • User-Friendly Seller Dashboard
  • Sellers Lists and Profiles
  • Product Verification System
  • Follow Seller Feature
  • Seller Product Pages
  • Feedback System

We customized the app to include private seller registration functionality. This allowed individual sellers to create accounts, set up their profiles, and access the platform.

Website design

Key results and business value

  • Expanded Product Catalog
  • Revenue Growth
  • Enhanced Sustainability
  • Streamlined Seller Experience

The integration of the multi-vendor functionality allowed Loop Generation to diversify its product offerings by onboarding individual sellers. This expanded product catalog attracted a wider customer base and increased the platform's appeal.

Technology we used


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