Rental and booking management platform

ElifTech completed a tech project for Recreogo, a booking management software created for recreational rental businesses. The project aimed to streamline operations by providing online scheduling, payment processing, inventory management, and real-time availability updates.

Recreogo's key developed feature is the real-time availability display, integrated with a booking calendar linked to the business's inventory. This allowed customers to conveniently select their desired rental dates and instantly check the availability of rental equipment.







Services we provided

Support in Development Process
User Interface Redesign
UI Prototyping
Creating User Flows and Product UX
Email Marketing Design
Platform Design
Landing Page Design
Dashboard Design
Integration with External Services
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About the Client

Recreogo is a booking management software built specifically for recreational rental businesses. With a focus on streamlining operations and simplifying the booking process, Recreogo offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses online scheduling, payment processing, and real-time availability updates. By leveraging technology, Recreogo aimed to provide a user-friendly platform enabling businesses to showcase their inventory, offer dynamic pricing and facilitate seamless customer bookings.


Recreogo’s existing software had been developed using outdated approaches, resulting in a considerable amount of hard-to-maintain code. Additionally, the user interface and design were inconsistent and outdated, negatively impacting the user experience. Recreogo also required assistance with email marketing newsletters and integrating with external services.


Support in Development Process
User Interface Redesign
UI Prototyping
Creating User Flows and Product UX
Email Marketing Design
Landing Page Design
Integration with External Services

To address the challenge of outdated and hard-to-maintain code in Recreogo's existing software, ElifTech provided comprehensive support during the development process. The team thoroughly analyzed the existing codebase and identified areas that required improvement. The ElifTech’s technical expertise and assistance throughout the development process ensured a smooth and successful implementation, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.


Key Results and Business Value

Improved Code Quality and Maintainability
Streamlined Booking Process
Enhanced User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
Effective Email Marketing Campaigns
Efficient Payment Processing and Management

ElifTech significantly improved the software's codebase. The code became more efficient, readable, and maintainable, making it easier for developers to understand, update, and enhance the software in the future. This reduced development time and costs associated with maintaining and troubleshooting the software.


Features Delivered

Migrating from Braintree Payment System to Stripe
Payment Refund
Payment with Saved Card
Invoice Editing and Price Change
Migrating from Code Email Templates to Mailgun Templates
Vin Numbers
Migrating High Load API Endpoints to New V2 .NET Core 6 App Service
Promo codes
Rental History Table
Improved Reporting and Statistics

This transition to Stripe allowed for more secure and reliable payment processing, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for customers.


Technology we used


.NET Core
MS SQL Server
Azure App Service
Azure Web Jobs
Octopus Deploy
Azure Blob Storage
Google API
React Calendar


Material UI

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