E-commerce platform to purchase products for pickup on the way home

ElifTech took on the project of the development of, an e-commerce platform that provides convenience to commuters by allowing them to purchase products for pickup on their way home. platform utilized a website and mobile application for consumers to place their orders. It is a versatile system that supports various business models, including B2B, B2C, and marketplaces, across multiple customer touch points. The project aimed to attract customers, providers, and operators while expanding the platform's functionality.

Ecommerce platfrom

Services we provided

  • E-commerce Platform Development
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Product Provider Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Automation

About the client

Viabirds is a company seeking to create an innovative e-commerce platform that caters to the unique needs of commuters. They envisioned a solution allowing customers to conveniently pick up products on their way home through strategically located pickup stations. By providing this non-traditional approach to e-commerce, Viabirds aimed to offer a time-saving and efficient shopping experience for their target audience.


One of the primary challenges for ElifTech was to create a logical system for the e-commerce platform integrated with pickup stations, implementing a "flyby system" where customers can pick up products at designated stations. This required synchronizing the flyby pickup stations with the platform's backend, enabling real-time updates on product availability, order management, and pickup coordination.

In addition, ElifTech had to develop a complete e-commerce platform and integrate a specific payment system. This involved creating a user-friendly interface for customers to browse products, place orders, and manage their transactions. The platform needed to be robust, scalable, and capable of handling a significant volume of transactions and data. Additionally, the platform's launch was planned within a specified timeframe, necessitating successfully balancing complex features and integrations with project deadlines.


  • E-commerce Platform and Full Management of Flyby Stations
  • UI/UX Design
  • Product Provider Management and Validation
  • Product Juggling and Pre-Ordering
  • Home Delivery and Time Slot Selection
  • Integration with External Providers and Catalogs
  • Automation and Back Office Efficiency
  • Integration of the Payment System
  • Email Automation

ElifTech developed a robust e-commerce platform built upon the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS, a highly modular e-commerce system designed to connect various providers and consumers seamlessly. The platform served as the foundation for the entire ecosystem, providing a centralized hub for product listings, orders, and transactions. In addition, ElifTech developed a comprehensive management system for the flyby stations and integrated it with the e-commerce platform. This involved synchronizing the flyby pickup stations with the platform's backend, enabling real-time updates on product availability, order management, and pickup coordination. The system allowed efficient management and monitoring of the flyby stations' status and inventory. ElifTech extended this platform to encompass comprehensive management tools for Flyby Stations, effectively bridging the gap between the digital marketplace and physical pickup locations.

Features delivered

  • Flutter App (Spryker Glue API)
  • Web (Spryker)
  • FlyBy Station Controller Software Web
  • Operator Portal Web (Spryker)
  • Portal Web (Spryker)

ElifTech developed a user-friendly Flutter mobile application that serves as a dedicated interface for consumers. This app leverages the Spryker Glue API to seamlessly connect users with the ecosystem. With the Flutter app, consumers can access the platform on their smartphones, browse products, place orders, and manage their accounts with ease. The app ensures a consistent and responsive shopping experience across various mobile devices.

Key results and business value

  • Increased Customer Convenience
  • Expanded Product Offering and Provider Base
  • Streamlined Operations and Reduced Manual Work
  • Improved User Interface and Experience
  • Business Growth

The introduction of the Flyby pickup system and home delivery option brought a new level of convenience to customers. By allowing customers to pick up their ordered products at designated Flyby stations during their commute or choose home delivery with flexible time slots, the platform enhanced the overall customer experience.

Technology we used


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