ITFin - CRM solution for tech companies

Engineered specifically for tech companies, ITFin revolutionizes process management by consolidating multiple necessities into a single, harmonized platform. From detailed time-tracking to effective planning tools, ITFin ensures no second is lost in administering project timelines. With an embedded hiring management system, recruiting and onboarding talent become streamlined tasks. Simultaneously, the platform's support for the delivery lifecycle means projects are seen through from ideation to deployment with complete oversight.

ITFin excels in financial management, making budget tracking, expense monitoring, and invoice managing a breeze. Rounding out its diverse functions, robust reporting tools provide the opportunity to visualize data and inform future business decisions.







Services we provided

Product Discovery
Product Development
Software Architecture Consulting
QA and Testing
Third-Party Integrations
UI/UX Design
Implementation of API Communication Protocol

About the Client

ITFin emerged as a much-needed solution in the tech industry, offering a comprehensive platform that integrates various essential processes within tech companies. ITFin aimed to eliminate the challenges posed by the fragmented nature of tech companies' internal operations, aiming to consolidate time tracking, project planning, resource management, financial administration, reporting, and more into a unified and user-friendly platform. Over time, ITFin grew from an in-house tool to a SaaS solution for service and product-focused IT companies in Ukraine, with aspirations for global expansion.


The primary challenge of the project was to bring cohesion to the diverse and often siloed processes within tech companies. One of the key difficulties was aligning the requirements of different departments while maintaining a clean and user-friendly interface. Avoiding information overload and ensuring a positive user experience while catering to diverse business processes was a substantial undertaking.


Product Development
Custom Web Development
UI/UX Design
QA and Testing
Support and Maintenance

ITFin is an all-in-one management solution for tech companies, offering comprehensive tools for time-tracking, project planning, and recruitment. It supports the entire delivery lifecycle of a project, ensuring thorough oversight from ideation to deployment. ITFin also incorporates a financial management system that simplifies budget tracking, expense monitoring, and invoice management. Lastly, its robust reporting tools provide valuable data insights to inform strategic decision-making.


Key Results and Business Value

Time Efficiency
Talent Acquisition Efficiency
Financial Management
Data-Driven Decision-Making
Project Lifecycle Oversight
SaaS Solution

Routine tasks were streamlined, saving time and reducing manual errors, increasing department efficiency. Reduced project administration time by 30% through streamlined processes and integrated time-tracking features.

Features Delivered

Project and Workload Planning
Time Tracking
Resource Management
Automatic Invoices
Online Reports

The platform enabled efficient project management by providing tools for managing clients, projects, milestones, and agreements. It allowed users to plan and monitor project execution while seamlessly tracking progress.


Technology we used


Matomo Analytics
Google Analytics

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