The only one solution for all tech company processes, finances and employees

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ITFin - the only one solution for all tech company processes where we have collected time tracking, planning, hiring, delivery, finance, reporting, and all other processes in a single space.

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Pain Points Solved:

  • Save time on routine tasks Consolidate all company data in one single place Reduce the possibility of errors from the human factor Simplify financial management and administration Show all data in real-time

the Client

ITFin became an independent solution, in order to satisfy huge interest from other software companies. Almost every software company started the process of creating its own solution, even once. But no one succeeded to walk the full path. Now ITFin is a leading solution for service and product IT companies in Ukraine and expanding worldwide, striving to become a standard for the industry.


The biggest challenge when we started working on this project - was to align all requirements from every department and to make sure the system doesn't look overloaded and is still user-friendly.

Main goal was to consolidate all processes in one place: time tracking, project management, resource planning, finance, reporting, accounting and many more.


We started building solutions for our needs, moving step by step from department to department, but also, we regularly performed consultations with external professionals and exchanged our experience to make this product usable and desirable for other companies with slightly different business processes.

Features Developed

  • Work planning

    Management of clients, projects, milestones, agreements, tracking of what is planned and executed

  • Time tracking

    Time tracking of developers with the possibility of distribution by projects/tasks. Hospital and vacation tracking

  • Resource management

    Tracking of available resources, distribution by projects, team assimilations, a quick search of resources, and a transparent vision of the situation

  • Automatic invoices

    Automatic generation and sending of invoices to clients. Their validation, reminders, and approval process. As well as integration with banks

  • Online reports

    Project profitability, company metrics, dashboard, P&L, Cashflow, accounts receivable, balance sheet, custom reports


We have built a full solution from scratch and made it scalable and expandable.

We had been delivering this project partially, to satisfy the needs of several departments and didn't make them wait for the others.

Other vital points - were prioritization and architecture. Right prioritization allowed us to deliver value instantly to departments that were most in need.

Correct architecture solutions let us deliver new features without any harm to other departments.

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