Refr Sports

Mobile app to digitize referee management

The Refr Sports project was an ambitious endeavor undertaken by ElifTech aimed to develop a mobile app that changed the way referees and game organizers interacted and facilitated seamless payments for referee services. The app addressed the challenges in the traditional referee hiring process, such as referee shortages, scheduling conflicts, delayed payments, and outdated communication methods.

Refr Sports sought to revolutionize the referee space by providing a universal platform for sports organizations, referees, and referee assignors to manage their tasks efficiently.

Sports mobile app

Services we provided

  • Mobile App Development
  • App’s Core Functionality Development
  • Integration with External Services
  • Design System
  • UI Prototyping
  • User Flows and Product UX
  • UI/UX Design

About the client

The visionaries behind Refr Sports, Huck, and Wyatt, were passionate about sports and recognized the immense potential for technological advancement in the sports industry. As young entrepreneurs with a keen understanding of the market, they aspired to bring a modern and efficient solution to the referee management space. With a clear mission to provide a universal platform for sports organizations, referees, and referee assignors, they sought to streamline the process of managing referee assignments and payments.


One of the key challenges encountered during the development of the Refr Sports mobile app was the successful management of bookings, accurate data retrieval, and seamless payment processing. The app aimed to revolutionize referee management by allowing sports organizations, referees, and assignors to interact efficiently, but this required real-time synchronization of bookings and data updates.

Ensuring that all parties had access to the latest information about referee availability, game schedules, and assignments required implementing a robust data synchronization mechanism. Moreover, the app's ability to process payments for referee services posed another significant challenge. The team needed to integrate secure payment gateways while addressing potential issues such as transaction failures and refunds and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive financial data.

Sports mobile app


  • Mobile App Development
  • Core Functionality
  • Efficient Booking and Online Cooperation
  • Digitized Communication and Payments
  • Payment Management
  • Design System and User Experience
  • UI Prototypes

The mobile app development for Refr Sports aimed to enhance the user experience, improve functionality, and modernize the overall interface. Referees gained improved access to game schedules, easy availability management, and direct communication with organizers. Game organizers were empowered with a more intuitive referee booking system and efficient referee assignment management. To maximize accessibility and reach a wider audience, the app was built using the Flutter framework for cross-platform development.

Features delivered

  • Games Lists
  • Automated Payments
  • Notifications
  • Games Schedules
  • Organizers Lists
  • Referees Lists
  • Online Communication
  • Filters

The app provides a comprehensive list of games, making it easy for referees to view available assignments. Referees could quickly browse the games they were interested in and choose those aligned with their schedules and preferences.

Sports mobile app

Key results and business value

  • Streamlined Referee Management Process
  • Increased Referee Availability and Dependability
  • Enhanced User Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Improved Brand Perception and Recognition

The app successfully addressed the challenges faced in the traditional referee hiring process. Referees now had better access to game schedules, improved availability management, and direct communication with organizers. Its user-friendly design and intuitive navigation made it accessible to all, even those unfamiliar with sports apps. The digitized communication and scheduling system reduced the likelihood of scheduling conflicts and no-shows, ensuring smooth game operations. The app's automated payment system ensured timely and secure payments, reducing administrative overhead and improving overall referee management.

Sports mobile app

Technology we used


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Sports mobile app

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