A Sports Mobile App with 2-sided Interface

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RefrSports is an app that provides a user-friendly service to manage and schedule sports events for all the parties who use this mobile application.

#- Games Schedule
#- In-App Payments
#- Control For The Sports Organization

Pain Points Solved:

  • A non-transparent, inefficient, and outdated software Referee scheduling hubs (the middlemen) currently control the industry. They assign referees to games with little consideration to what the referees needs or wants are. Further, they charge the referees and sports organizations large fees for their 'services'. An impossibility for users to get paid instantly. Many referees currently receive compensation once a month, via outdated payment methods. Referees are assigned events, rather than having the opportunity to select from a list of events. The lack of freedom to choose when and where one works has been cited as a pain point of the refereeing job

the Client

The founders of the company, Huck and Wyatt were concerned that technology in the referee industry was not modernized enough to fit well in today’s world and to comply with users’ expectations. As two young business owners, Huck and Wyatt aim to bring a spark of technology and a smooth universal way for sports organizations to communicate with and acquire officials for events.


Sports referees usually rely on third-party scheduling organizations to provide them with games to work and sports coordinators rely on the same organizations to provide referees that are qualified to officiate these games. Such a system сauses lots of consequences: coordinators and referees can not directly communicate and they are not free to choose people to work with etc. This methodology is outdated and has not been updated in decades. Being deeply interested in the sports industry, the founders of Refr Sports decided to build a modern app that will change the current system. The challenge was to build two-sided marketplace to meet the needs of referees and sports organizations


Our application, Refr Sports, will modernize the current system, providing referees and sports organizations an efficient and effective tool for completing their respective duties. Refr Sports makes this a reality by offering a mobile application that supports both referees and sports organizations as end users. Our app delivers complete freedom to the users by allowing the sports organizations to post their game schedules along with officiating needs and offered compensation for each game. Referees can then see the ‘work order’, accept it, and be paid for it immediately after the game. This solution model is very similar to what has been successful in the food (DoorDash), transportation (Uber) and personal care ( industries. While developing this app ElifTech team used Flutter, Firebase, and Stripe technologies to find and implement the solution to the problems.

Features Developed

  • Games Schedule
  • In-App Payments
  • Compensation
  • Notifications
  • Control For The Sports Organization
  • Accounts


By implementing this app, we helped referees and game organizers manage their cooperation effectively, eliminate the delayed payments for the referees, and access information about games and schedules in an easy and fast way.

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